White Paper

Gold Dragon Coin


Problems and solutions 


I created this coin to fulfil the fantasy of the rule games or any RPG MMO, where in each adventure the players explore fantasy realms, fight monsters, and villains. If they are lucky enough to earn a loot that remains ethereal, why don’t they earn a real crypto token value?

My purpose is to add more fun from holding real crypto coins.

The holders have to be aware of the laws in their country about cryptocurrency.


Solution overview


You can earn a crypto loot with Gold Dragon Coin! This is a token run on the Polygon Blockchains, a fast and reliable protocol that allows to process 65000 transactions per second, low fees, thanks to its high scalability.

All you need is a polygon compatible wallet and your master or other players can send you the loot, quest awards, gift or anything else.

The value of the token will change from time to time as it is used and as the availability changes, ready to fight for the dragon den treasure.


Why blockchain


A simple explanation of the blockchain technology is a new approach to recording, sharing and verifying information among members of a community. Instead of relying on a central party, community members can directly run networks and host data that represents anything from payments to carbon credits.

The technology is near impossible to cheat, ushering in exciting opportunities to build trust.

Everyone can download the blockchain, but only the user with the proper key, like an appropriate wallet, can decode the personal transaction, so this is a guarantee of the ownership of the data, in this case Gold Dragon Coin.

One of the problems of this technology is the low speed and the high fee when the chain is busy, so it becomes less attractive. I took advantage of the Polygon scalability to overtake this issue and give a lovely user experience.


Developer Davide Lustro

Marketing strategy

I love the RPG and RPG MMO games and I guess the lovers  of those games like to have an award for their performance, so I am happy to propose the token to the public.

The first will be some airdrops to the users that owned a token used for similar purposes, after that I will advertise the associations and clubs of the existence of Gold Dragon.

I will set up a Discord server: name – Gold Dragon Server, ID – 1178849271085273218,

A sub reddit: r/GoldDragonCrypto

As soon as the number of users grows, I will add more social network positions.

Token Distribution

After a while I use crypto, I start to be aware of the potential of the blockchain and the issues involved. There are many technologies behind this culture, everyone with a degree of evolution, algorithms and reliability. I discard the first attempt, even if they are known by a lot of users, they start to become slow or expensive for the transactions fee, so to give a smooth experience I opted for the Polygon chain. This technology is an evolution of the ethereum project, so it has a solid base, amazing scalability, fast network and low transfer fees, consequently I hope to avoid the user paying high fees, even if the network is busy.

I minted 20000000 tokens, assigned a low initial price to allow the people interested to buy Gold Dragon, anyway I will not follow the destiny of the token, so the price will follow the market. To buy the Gold Dragon will need its own Matic, the main token of the Polygon chain, and will be possible on the Uniswap platform, allowing it to bridge to Ether, easing the purchase or selling process.

As soon as the token becomes popular it will be possible to use the main exchange to operate with it.

To hold the token you need a wallet Polygon chain compatible, if you use any wrong chain address, you can lose the token.


  • 2023
    • Creation of White Paper
    • Creation of the website
    • Creation of the token
    • Airdrops
    • Availability on the market
    • Creation of the socials
  • 2024
    • Planning integrations
    • Contact companies
    • Planning the future of the Token


I hope to bring some happiness to the gamers, an award to point out the hard job made by them.

The prize will be not only in their mind, but a real crypto that can be exchanged in the real world.

Be aware the use of this token  can be subject to your domestic laws, so need to be careful about hold and use it, even the value in the market can change, so the main purpose of Gold Dragon is be a prize for your win games, not for trading.