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Apr 13, - The Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert B is hugely popular choice for trail Since picking it up last July, our long-term test rider Piers has put close to for Husqvarna, I set off on my own as a freelancer early in

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Mountain Bike Review

I like specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 light and fast bike that can be pedaled up to speed, and keeps that speed up. The 2 Specs I have are in the top 3 of my favorites, with a Yeti sharing the podium. Hard to say what exactly I like about the bikes, other than they feel like the ideal mountain bike.

Just ride it and have fun, having no real complaints or issues.

comp 2016 stumpjumper specialized

They don't feel sprcialized climbers, descenders, park bikes, or any other niche-filling bike; they specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 do everything to my satisfaction. Each time I go to pick a bike I have no bias at all. In fact I have tried to steer away from Specialized just for the sake of doing something different, since I've owned 3 of them now.

Other than that I honestly feel all of the bike brands are excellent at this point. Horst Link got me started on Spesh Local dealer is awesome Woodinville Bikes in Wa Warranty You know they have the resources and designers to put the best stuff out and ata good price Tthe other day didn't realize how large my family had gotten - Enduro BigHit Enduro SJ FSR com Demo E29 and I bought my wife a cheapy spesh 29'er for Christmas, and just bought a Sirrus specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 bike too.

You could say I'm special. I didn't have a choice, it is what my Open road bicycles jacksonville sold. They have specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 good bikes.

If the path ahead looks dangerous it probably is! Wanted a new carbon HT. The stumpjumper expert carbon Mountain bike clothing men had everything on my wish list.

Carbon frame Carbon wheels internal cable routing thru axles front and rear stumpjum;er fork brain 1x11 drive. Two water bottles.

I can state all the technology in their bikes, specializwd everybody has already covered. I've always liked the stumpjymper.

2016 specialized stumpjumper comp

Of course watching American Flyers and seeing Ned Overend race didn't spedialized. Ride an Epic on a sweet piece of singletrack, or an Sworks SL4 on a rolling section of road and you will see why. Resale value.

I tend to build up a new bike, and sell my previous frames every couple of years. They always sell immediately. Likely has to do with brand 24 youth mountain bikes, and perception of quality.

As a direct comparison, I attempted to sell a very high end road bike Ridleywhich just isn't as known in North America. Took ages to sell, and I took a price hit on it. Specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 a Specialized Tarmac after - instantly.

A lot of manufacturers are making great bikes, but if a choice between 2 similar ones, I'll stick with Spesh. Meat Curtain. Hi guys. New to the forum I bought a specialized crave about 8 months ago because I was looking for a 29er hardtail.

It was in my price range, had the features I wanted, specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 stumjpumper shop I bought it at offers free tune specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 for life.

stumpjumper comp 2016 specialized

specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 It seemed like a good deal speciapized me because I'm not the type of guys who tinkers around with things and I specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 just take it there if it needs to be adjusted. I also wasn't going to go look at a million bikes. I think I rode a trek, a felt, and the specialized. The only thing I don't like about my Crave is the rear tire.

The reason I went with Specialized is as I was test riding the bikes on my list I found myself comparing them all to the Stumpy. Specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 me it felt the best, and I could not be happier. Sent from my Note 2 using Tapatalk 4. They fit me incredibly well and they are "bikes for dummies" to gearless bicycle They look good too, I was sorry psecialized let my Stumpy Fsr go but I could tell it was starting to feel obsolete compared to today's bikes Specialized's programmed obsolescence is only rivaled by Apple imho.

Specialized Stumpjumper and SWorks Camber - Dirt

For those who say Specialized are good specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 the money I'm sorry you can't buy Canyon in your place. That said,welding,painting,general perceived quality and sense of sturdiness is there along with excellent warranty policies got a epic marathon frame over my paint chipped expert one.

And yes Last edited by Devastazione; stu,pjumper Roadie DNA,mtbike curious. Sold the Nomad, ended up with a Stumpy 29r.

comp specialized 2016 stumpjumper

Wanted more suspension for D-ville. Then I got a Enduro Comp 29r. Not sure why I went to Spesh, just liked the look and the ride. I still have the Bullit, but my Nomad was a creaky, but good bike. No creaks with the spesh's.

Ended up selling both 29r's and picked up a Enduro Expert Carbon b. Putting new Roval SL's on specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 tomorrow. Love this bike. It's light, rails, and looks sick. Stumpjhmper a sidenote, spesh also makes great tires. Kind of an all-around company. I thought about this one I rode 4 other brands and 6 sizes. I bought the bike that felt the best under me. I had no intention of ever getting specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 29er bike but after having a 1hr demo on some techy, rocky trails I knew the Enduro 29 was the bike for me!

Now after over a year of specializev it all over Nor Cal stumpjimper area trails, I haven't regretted it one bit! I specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 and support child protective services escondido brick commp motor IF they deserve it.

stumpjumper 2016 specialized comp

My LBS tells me they are good to work with from their pov as well. I have never purchased one bicycle brand twice in my life except Raleigh many,many,many moons,decades, ago I may with Specialized some day. Rode a specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 brands while searching for my next bike.

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp EVO 650b 2015

Trek was a close second but I selected a Specialized Rockhopper Comp I wasn't very very relaxed when I saw the title of the review But finally everything is fine.

Just have to wait for the delivery! Rear end feels super supple - to the specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 that the 36's up front now feel like they need an upgrade to balance things out. I also got on with the factory DPX2 though, but am only lbs. Came here to see if anyone has tried a a coil! Good to hear it improves the Evo. From memory there isn't much space to run a longer eye to eye if you want to steepen it up, someone below has mentioned they are running with a 3mm offset, so specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 total length, but in low mode.

Not sure specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 it fits in high mode. A Trek take off? Sounds awesome. I'd like to try that One of the great aspects of the bike. If you ride trails that are lower angle specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 have the ability to slam the stem I run one 5mm spacer and put a lot more load the front tire.

Go somewhere steep and all I have to specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 is add another 15mm under the stem and I've got cycling saddle specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 going through the pedals. I think Chromag still makes a flat bar. You should try one of those to get even more weight on your hands. Pinch Flat.

Would be interested to know how much difference a coil would make on the back of the Evo. Is there scope to add a coil with a bit more travel pro cycle kit a specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 fork thus raising the BB a bit in the process.

Seems like the base is there for an epic bike - just needs some tweaking. I have a cycle gear seattle with a mm fork and its great.

The 29er has a shock stroke of 50mm, it will clear a Pretty damn low I would imagine. Put a fork and run it in the high position with a 55 stroke shock and you will have a long travel weapon with a higher BB. First off great review. I have both of the bikes tested plus an HTLT as well and would echo your experiences in climbing.

The Evo is very underrated in this area and it absolutely crushes the climbs. I find that the steep seat tube means that I don't have to fight to keep the front wheel on the ground which takes a surprising amount of energy and core strength.

I constantly laugh at people that say slack bikes can't climb well.

2016 specialized stumpjumper comp

It is all about the SA, not the HA. Regarding descending, my experience does not mirror that specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 Brines. My typical descents are steep, rocky and fast to the point that a certain multi time world cup overall winner was riding them with his DH bike recently obviously much faster than me!

The Evo is absolutely the fastest bike I have ever ridden on these types of specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 I have never owned or even ridden a true DH specialized stumpjumper comp 2016. It could be a riding tires marietta difference or tire setup, but it is by far my favorite for these and most other trails.

As a side note, I like my bikes very plush because we have so much loose chunk and chunder around here.

We are constantly clawing for traction. One final piece is that I run CushCore front and rear with fairly low pressures to make my bikes bike repair mesa more supple which could contribute to my different experience as well. Overall this is one of the best comparison tests I have seen and I am stoked to see actual criticism of the bikes instead of the "everything is great" that most reviews give.

Every bike and design choice is a compromise so what works for some people won't work for other.

2016 specialized stumpjumper comp

Keep putting out the great content! I'd wager I am more critical of bikes than most testers. The funny part is this review was literally supposed to take place over one week in the desert and turned stumpjumpe an entire spring, summer and fall.

Which was good. It really let me suss out performance of both specialized stumpjumper comp 2016, road bikes accessories compare them to other bikes like the Transition Sentinel, Trek Slash, Canyon Torque I know, totally difference and others.

Specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 things to realize This is important as the speed I'm trying to carry and the net impact I'm exhibiting down the trail is probably higher than most.

26/02/ Champion, Woody Hole decide to go for the black on black theme on his “winter bike” – this Frame: Specialized SWorks Stumpjumper FSR

I'm not trying to be pretentious specialiaed, but I do know if I back off my top end speed a hair, the bike is a lot easier to ride and my thoughts change a bit I specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 have to be honest with specialised riding style. Its less "precise" and more "hold specialized stumpjumper comp 2016.

I always chose the Torque as a race bike. Its so much more forgiving. I'd suggest all want-to-be-enduro racers, at least in the Rocky Mountain Region to go longer travel and more forgiving unless you are Nico-like Buy this along with something like a Torque and you've got a great race quiver Sounds expensive till you realize most guys are racing bikes that retail around that anyway I also tried it with true DH casing.

Also bikes in sale. I actually wasn't that far off the top 3 either. I'm lbs. That says a lot as to how efficient the bike is.

Thanks for the comments dude! specialized stumpjumper comp 2016

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Always good to get a discussion going! We lose so much geometry flexibility with integrated, it sucks. I think a longer travel fork with the rear in specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 High position would make a big difference in BB height.

Could probably gain close to 10 mm. Can't wait for the carbon version in specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 next month or so, hopefully they raised the Cheap quality road bikes on that setup.

Yup speciaized my Thanks for the review and your helpful comments, Jeff. Is there anything else major you're like to call out between the two? I've ridden the Sentinel several times and really specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 it. Lets just put it this way, I own a Sentinel, I don't own the Ocmp. The Sentinel is a bike that feels like or maybe more with a good damper.

Its also designed around a xtumpjumper fork, which is a plus and the BB is more reasonable. Which shop do you like better? Where do you ride? Do you race? Jeff - I ride the mountains of northern Utah mostly, with some southern Utah desert riding thrown in slecialized couple times a year for good measure. Lotsa pedaling, lotsa searching for fun dh lines. I'll do the occasional race for fun but on the dh am just racing myself and my crew, no stress.

I have no brand allegiance. If I went evo I'd throw in a air shaft and atumpjumper it in the specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 position, mostly to keep from destroying crank arms and pedal spindles stumpjumped i did last year.

Maybe an evo with a Topaz would help that rear end? I wouldn't specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 coil or long shock it though like some evo owners are doing. I might try to raise the bb a little more with an offset bushing. Just thinking out loud. I already have a carbon wheelset and fresh set of e13 rubber semi slick rear to compliment either bike. 20116 sentinel is a killer deal.

I would recommend saving up a few bucks and finding an xd driver compp wheelset atleast rear wheel with an xd driver alternative bike seats getting a gx cassette for it.

That nx cassette is a boat anchor. That's the plan, Roots. And yes, I'm stoked that Tranny is offering a carbon Sentinel at a reasonable cost The evo is such a unique bike for the money. Specialized really did well with this one and there are a lot of guys with these bikes on the mtbr forum that are loving them. And for the leisure non-competitive rider, comfort and efficiency is often of higher priority as compare to outright competition level speed.

Our preference for more progressive specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 behavior also explains why we left the shock diamondback traverse Trail mode throughout the specializdd. One complaint we have with the 6Fattie Comp is the width of the rims. While this is specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 alright for the rear wheel setup, the front wheel tends to break traction unexpectedly based on the tire clmp and expected performance of the Purgatory Control.

The 6Fattie does not feel like a Fat Bike in any way.

Specialized Stumpjumper 2016 - Dirt TV

While the bike is a little more stumpjumpef than typical trail bikes, it feels pricepoint bikes, comfortable and behaves more like a trail bike than a fat bike. We totally like this bike's ride feel.

comp specialized 2016 stumpjumper

We were worried that the front tire might burp anytime specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 it is running tubeless. But as of all SRAM drive trains, the shifting is crisp and sharp. Specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 Shimano brakes works like a regular dream. Controlled fun! The use of a short stem is clever. It helped to give the bike a more agile and responsive steering feel. The grips were too skinny for our liking albuquerque bike shop has a tendency to be slippery when wet.

2016 Specialized Stumpjumper and SWorks Camber Carbon

Specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 is Specialized solution for this. The 6Fattie does not come with the widely viral and heavily advertised down-tube storage nor does ckmp have other hidden storage areas. The predictability of the Butcher and Purgatory tires, although not being as grippy as some super tacky offerings, gave me confidence in a wide range of conditions.

They also have the added advantage of being hard wearing and I am still on the original set. The mm bars are ok when you think of this as a trail bike, but because the handling is so confidence inspiring I often found myself wishing for a wider mm specialized stumpjumper comp 2016.

stumpjumper 2016 specialized comp

I swapped to a 50mm stem for uplift days and found it added more feel and stability to the front, but for longer rides it felt too cramped and the stock 60mm stem was a better choice.

The Medium size has a nice roomy mm of reach and mm of stack and fits my cm height perfectly, putting me in a well balanced position on the bike. Just inflate the shock, sit on it in all your gear and press specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 release 700 35 and VOILA, perfect sag. During these long climbs I was happy to have picked the Stumpjumper over the enduro. When the stum;jumper gets steeper, due to the short chainstays I often find myself having to stand up over the specialized stumpjumper comp 2016 to keep the front wheel down.

At this price point, speccing the RCT3 fork would have been more generous.

News:stack|reach. Hit compare to see this Specialized side-by-side with your bike. Specialized Stumpjumper FSR b Select two bikes to compare.

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