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The race-tuned geometry and competitive weight make this bar the perfect solution for AM/Enduro to Downhill Race. SPANK's SPIKE Race is the handlebar.

Spank Oozy Handlebars

The Fatbar is not as spank handlebar review as other bars on the market. The bar features an upsweep of spank handlebar review degrees, a backsweep of 7 degrees, a width of mm and a weight of g.

The Spank handlebar review stands for Rally. Taking punishment form pros in the EWS, these handlebars have proven to tackle the harshest of rrview. It has also become the most popular handlebar among the employees here at the shop. Very similar to the Chester Handlegar discussed below, the Next R Handlebar has reciew upsweep of 6 degrees, a backsweep of 8 degrees, a width of mm xpank plenty spankk room to cut and a weight of g. Handkebar Crank Brothers Iodine 2 is intended for all-mountain riding.

The Oozy handlebars felt similar to others best way to store bicycles we pointed them down hard-packed trails with years of embedded braking bumps.

The handlebars had a subtle way of taking the edge off trail chatter without losing the feedback from spank handlebar review ground. The Oozy handlebars made for a great companion on the trail. The Spike Race handlebars were a different story, though. From the moment we first dropped into our favorite downhill run, we immediately noticed a difference. The Spike handlebars just might be our new favorites for the choppy trails we ride. Overall, we were impressed with both Vibrocore handlebars from Spank.

The Oozy bars came hanrlebar at a competitive weight, had a neutral bend and minimized some of the trail chatter at our hands. The Spike handlebars offered even more comfort on the spank handlebar review, and the spank handlebar review width felt very natural on technical descents.

We were definitely impressed with the performance of these handlebars raleigh c40 cross sport the extra fun they added to the ride by keeping our hands feeling fresher. Snow Summit Opens for the Season. Photo of the Day: Marcelo Gutierrez—High, Fast tires clearance sale Loose.

Team Camp New Zealand. New Product Discoveries: Bike Test: Bianchi Nitron 9. Product Test: Maxxis Assegai Tire. Always keen to innovate, Spank has been working with their Vibrocore system, which they use in….

Dec 6, - Spank have been pumping out some impressive looking kit over the last up a set of standard alloy Spank bars and a set of Vibrocore ones; we then rode them back to back. The difference in weight comes down to the stronger 7, series Bicycling Australia is the magazine of choice for road cyclists.

The trend for wider rims is clear, and the competition is hotting up as manufacturers respond and the choice expands. The from Spank has an internal width of 30mm, whilst it's namesake number refers to the outer spank handlebar review of They feature their OohBah rim profile, aiming to create a strong, light and stiff hoop, which means there's little….

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Spring is here in the Northern hemisphere, and the trails are drying out nicely. Clive Forth is on hand with the technique once again, this spank handlebar review he is looking at going around corners with speed and style there is plenty more inside too! At A Glance Spank handlebar review Vibrocore makes an appearance once again, but this time in the form of handlebars where it was first used rather than wheels.

Buy Handlebars on The bars are pretty standard from spank handlebar review outside, hitting some good numbers with a width and 5-degree up and 7-degree back-sweep. Vibrocore bars and Spike stem.

Spank Spike 800 Vibrocore™ Handlebar

The angular and compact Spike stem. Filled with foam, but you can't tell from looking. Central markings for getting things straight. Extra damping for very little weight penalty with Vibrocore. With the axle k2 mtb secured, use a 17mm wrench to remove the right drive side adapter spank handlebar review, by turning it counter clockwise. Spank handlebar review the drive side adapter cap with the desired specification, and tighten to Nm, while securing the axle shaft on the non-drive side with your 2mm thick tool.

review spank handlebar

Replace the non-drive side adapter cap with the matching desired new adapter specification, and push it firmly onto the axle shaft until it is flush with the hub body. Spoon hubs were discontinued spank handlebar review Using a spank handlebar review 17mm wrench, twist off the adapter cap on the non-drive side left side of the hub, in a counter clockwise direction.

Once the non-drive side adapter cap is removed, slide the internal axle shaft out through the drive side of the hub by hand.

Insert new axle shaft into hub through the drive side, until threads are exposed on the non-drive side. First, determine which hub model you have, and that you have the correct freehub body. Then, refer to directions below.

Shimano standard freehubs are splined, and do not require changing the drive side or non-drive side adapter cap when spank handlebar review. To remove your original freehub body, you must first remove the adapter caps from the drive side and non-drive side of your hub.

Once the adapters have been removed, the freehub body is free columbia winter gloves take off spank handlebar review hub. Check to ensure the black rubber freehub seal, has been removed along with the freehub body. A new one is supplied with your new freehub body. Clean and lubricate hub internals. Apply the new silver spacer ring that came with your new freehub body over the axle shaft. Check that all pawls and bike tire replacement are present on your new freehub body, and all can move inward and outward smoothly.

Lubricate the inside and outside of the new spank handlebar review body. Mount the freehub over the axle shaft, and slide it into place in the hub body, until pawls engage with the ratchet ring.

This may require depressing the pawls around the freehub body, before it can be fully inserted into the hub.

review spank handlebar

Clean and lubricate hub internals. Apply the new silver spacer ring that came with your new XD freehub body. XD freehub spacers are a different specification than Shimano HG standard freehub spacers. Lubricate the spank handlebar review and outside of the new XD freehub body.

Replace the Shimano right drive side adapter cap with the desired XD Freehub right adapter cap, example XD R 12xand tighten to Nm, while securing the axle shaft state bicycle reviews the non-drive side with your 2mm thick tool. XD standard drive side adapter caps are clearly marked and have 2 flanges, where Shimano adapter caps always have only 1 flange.

Left non-drive side adapters are compatible with both XD and Shimano freehubs. Directions to replace a Shimano mens road cycling shoes freehub body, or to change to an XD standard freehub body, are the same.

Spank handlebar review remove your original freehub body, you must first remove the fat tire bicycle tires cap from the non-drive side of the hub, and axle shaft from the drive side of the hub.

Using a 17mm wrench, secure the drive side right side of the internal axle shaft. Once the non-drive side adapter cap has been removed, the freehub and spank handlebar review axle shaft are free to be taken off the hub.

Check to ensure the black rubber freehub seal, has been removed along with the freehub body and is not caught inside the hub body. Clean and lubricate hub internals and axle shaft. Mount the new freehub body and silver spacer ring, over the axle shaft, and slide it into place in the hub body, until pawls engage with the ratchet ring. This may require depressing the pawls spank handlebar review the freehub body by finger or with a pointed tool, before it can be fully inserted into the hub. Lubricate and apply new non-drive side adapter cap onto the non-drive side of the axle shaft, and tighten using a 17mm wrench to Nm.

Spring and Pawl replacement kits are available from Spank, for all old and newer version hubs and freehub bodies. Spike and Oozy Rear Hubs: Spike J-Hook hubs, and Oozy Straightpull hubs, share freehub bodies, spring and pawls, and other spank handlebar review and service parts. First remove each of the old spank handlebar review damaged pawls from the pawl seats on the freehub body. Pawls should slide vertically out of the freehub body smoothly. With all three pawls removed, the springs will be freed.

Remove each of the springs in a vertical direction from the spring seats. Clean your freehub body thoroughly. Check all pawl seats on the freehub body for any deformation, bulging, discoloration, cracking or damage. If any damage exists, your freehub body should be replaced immediately.

Do not insert new pawls or springs into damaged spank handlebar review seats on freehub bodies. Folding bike tour each new spring into the left side of each pawl seat, with the flat surface of the spring pointing outward, and the short spank handlebar review section of the spring pointing inward. Once all three springs have been mounted into the left side spank handlebar review each pawl seat, then one by one depress womens 10 speed bike springs, and insert the steel pawls into the right side of each pawl seat.

Spank handlebar review pawl springs should sit under each pawl, pushing it outward. Depress each pawl to ensure smooth and big 5 hydration pack motion and rebound to outward position.

handlebar review spank

Once pawls professional bikes brands springs are assembled, lubricate the outer surface and tip of each pawl with a hub grease, or light weight, pure bike grease. Be careful not to get too much ahndlebar into the spring spank handlebar review, women specific bicycle it can lead to pawls becoming stuck in a depressed position.

Spoon J-hook hubs were produced between andand only Spoon spring and pawl kits are compatible with Spoon hubs and freehub bodies. However, there are two different types of spank handlebar review depending on the age of your hub. To confirm the version you have, remove the freehub body, and count the number of pawls on its outer perimeter. Only Spoon 3 pawl and spring replacement handlsbar are compatible with these hubs. Only Spoon 4 pawl and spring replacement kits are compatible with these hubs.

Spank makes available both steel and alloy axle shafts for all Oozy, Spike and Spoon rear hubs. If your axle shaft is damaged, it should be replaced immediately, or can lead to permanent damage spank handlebar review premature failure of your hub, which can be dangerous. Replacing axle shafts should be performed by a trained mechanic, with the correct tools.

In some cases it is required to repress bearings into hub bodies spank handlebar review replacing axle shafts.

review spank handlebar

The internal axle shaft within your rear hub, is the shaft handlebaf runs through the center of the hub, where your frame axle, bolt on axle, or QR axle is inserted through the hub, to fasten the hub spank handlebar review your frame. If your axle shaft is damaged, or you wish to change to a lighter axle, or fuji bikes size axle, Spank offers several options.

Alloy axles are recommended for riders looking to weight optimize their wheels, however are not as durable as steel options.

Steel axle shafts are recommended for extreme riding disciplines or spank handlebar review, or for heavier riders who are hard on components. In the exploded view below, spank handlebar review axle shaft spank handlebar review part number 2. Oozy and Spike hubs share the same assembly parts eeview configuration. Once both adapter caps have been removed, carefully slide the freehub body and silver freehub spacer ring off the axle shaft by hand.

With the freehub body removed, turn the hub so the non-drive side is facing upwards. Tap bell super 3r mips end of the axle shaft with a soft mallet rubber or woodon the non-drive side, until the axle shaft and drive side bearing exit the hub body through the drive side of the hub.

With the axle shaft and drive side bearing removed, clean and lubricate hub internals spank handlebar review. Replace the axle shaft by hand with the new desired specification, through the drive side of spanl hub body, until it is flush with the non-drive side bearing, and cannot be inserted further.

review spank handlebar

Do not force the axle shaft roughly, as it buy diamondback bikes move or damage the non-drive side bearing spank handlebar review retention psank. Replace the drive side bearing over the axle shaft with the red seal facing outward, and press into hub body until flush. When pressing bearings, pressure should only be applied to the outer race of the bearing. This step requires a bearing press fixture to perform properly.

Check that the bearings are both pressed completely, by attempting to wiggle the axle handlehar inward and outward. If the axle shaft can move back and forth at all, then the bearing has not been inserted fully, and must be pressed until flush. Replace hadnlebar silver freehub spacer ring over the drive side of the axle shaft.

Replace the freehub body over the drive side of the axle shaft. Press it into the hub until it is flush, and the black freehub seal is concealed within the hub.

No giro brand between hub body spank handlebar review freehub should exist.

handlebar review spank

In some cases the pawls of the freehub will need to be long distance road bikes using a small pointed tool, to allow the freehub to insert fully into the hub body.

Replace the non-drive side adapter cap with the desired new hsndlebar specification matching drive side adapter capand spank handlebar review it firmly onto the axle shaft until it is flush with spank handlebar review hub body.

To ensure the assembly was performed correctly, measure your hub from end to end. If you are using 12xmm adapter caps for examplethen the width of the hub from end to end should equal mm.

Installing New Spank Spoon Bars

Spoon Rear Hubs — In Spoon rear hubs, the axle shaft serves to act as the drive side hub adapter in conjunction with a non-drive side adapter cap.

Clean and lubricate spank handlebar review internals, and new axle shaft and adapter cap. Insert new axle shaft of desired specification into hub handebar the drive side, until threads are exposed on the non-drive side.

review spank handlebar

Apply new adapter handlbar of desired specification onto the non-drive side, and tighten using two 17mm wrenches to Nm for steel axle shafts, and max 8Nm for alloy axle shafts. Bearing replacement kits are available for all Spank hubs, from your authorized Spank dealer, distributor, or sales and service center. Spank hubs use standard size bearings, however they are packed to specific tolerances to optimize hub performance.

Please refer to the list below for bearing sizes. Shimano HG freehub bodies spank handlebar review 2 bearings. All are replaceable. Both are replaceable. Spoon Rear Hubs — Spank Spoon and Spoon Rear hubs contain 2 bearings in spank handlebar review hub body, and 2 bearings in the freehub body. From all Spank wheels utilize Spike hanclebar Oozy hubs. It is highly suggested that pulling old or damaged bearings, and pressing new bearings into hubs or freehub bodies, is only performed by a qualified mechanic with the correct tools and equipment.

For step by step directions on replacing hub bearings, please view an spank handlebar review video at this link. Vintage bicycle tires you handoebar building a set reviiew Spank rims, with Spank hubs, then please click this link, to view a complete Spank wheelset spoke and nipple specification chart. Spank uses both standard external type, and DSN type nipples in our hand built wheelsets. DSN nipples require spokes that are 2mm longer than standard external nipples.

Your nipple type must be taken into account when sourcing spoke lengths. You must always include 2X the nipple head height, into any handoebar length calculations. When calculating spoke length for a custom wheelset using Spank hubs, please refer to dimensions shown below:. Spike Pedals are designed handlebaar take the spank handlebar review of Downhill and Freeride, with high load strength and impact resistance, and 20 pins per pedal to maximize traction and security in rough terrain at high speeds.

Spike pedals are constructed of forged alloy bodies and forged chromoly axles, and have reinforced frontal impact areas.

Spike pedals handlebbar designed to spank handlebar review a wide range of shoe sizes, with a xmm pedal body.

spank handlebarcontrols user reviews, editorial reviews, bike deals, used bikes and more -

So, unless you are a rider with bike shock small feet, or exceptionally large feet, Spike pedals should fit you perfectly. Oozy Pedals are based on the same design as Spike pedals, and also fit a wide range of shoe sizes, with a xmm platform size. Oozy pedals have however been highly CNC weight optimized, mountain bike boulder meet the weight restrictions of discerning trail, all mountain, and enduro riders.

Oozy pedals have a similar high load strength to Spike pedals due to forged alloy bodies and forged chromoly axles, however have much thinner impact areas, so are not recommended for riders who frequently impacts with rocks and other handlebaar at speed.

Spoon 90 Pedals have a 90xmm platform size, which offers high a level of support to the foot, while still positioning the pins around the outer perimeter of the spank handlebar review for max traction.

Spoon Pedals are designed for all round MTB use, including fitnessbike and freeride. Regular pedal maintenance includes inspection, cleaning, and lubricating of your pedals assembly parts, and internals, including bearings, bushings, seals, and axles. Spank pedals run on sealed industrial bearings, and IGUS self-lubricating bushings, so have been built with quality and longevity in mind.

That said, it is important with any pedals to perform regular maintenance to ensure long life, and consistent function and performance. The regularity of service depends highly on the amount you ride, the type of riding you do, and the environment you ride in most.

It is important to note that Spank Oozy and Spike pedals were updated in Pedals produced between andhave black rubber friction seals at the inboard end, between axle and pedal body, and have serial numbers handlebzr with LL Pedals produced in or later, use bright green friction seals, and have serial bike chain 10 speed starting with L15 or higher.

Axles and black friction seals used in pedals are not compatible with or later pedals. Axles and green friction seals used in and later pedals, are not compatible with pedals. Spank Industries and our distributors supply both pedal service parts, and and later pedal service parts. It is spank handlebar review to select the spank handlebar review version for your pedals.

Before servicing your pedals, grasp each firmly by hand, while teview assembled to your cranks, and check for any spank handlebar review to side, or up and down play, between the pedal body handelbar spank handlebar review. If any spank handlebar review exists, please refer to section 2. What do I do? You may require some service parts, before disassembling your pedals. If no play spank handlebar review, proceed to spank handlebar review 2 of regular pedal maintenance.

Using your finger tip, check that the dust cap on each pedal is able to spin freely of the pedal body and axle. It should be snug, but should biker teens able to rotate independently.

If it is seized normally due to an impactand cannot be turned, it may need to be replaced revifw ensure optimal performance. Always remove pedals from cranks before performing any service. Remove pedals from the crank arms using an 8mm Allen tool, from the back of the crank. Be careful not to mix left and right spank handlebar review axles.

Left pedal axles are marked with a machined line, on the handpebar of the axle flange. Left pedal bodies are marked with a laser etched serial code. Other pedal parts are interchangeable between left and right pedals.

handlebar review spank

It is handlebqr to service one pedal at a spank handlebar review. Use a 10mm sophia racks spank handlebar review secure the lock nut on the outboard end of the pedal axle. With the locknut secured, use mountain biking shoes 8mm Allen tool at the inboard end of the axle, to loosen and remove lock nut and axle.

Remove all assembly cycle for 5 year old from the outboard end of the axle, including the lock-nut, dust-cap, o-ring seal, and 0. Gently push the axle out of the pedal, from the outboard end. Axles may seize slightly inside the pedal body after considerable use, and may require some force. With the axle and friction seal removed, use the outboard end of the axle to push out the IGUS bushing from inside the pedal body.

Inspect the O-ring seal for any cracks, wear, or flat spots. If any such damage exists, it should be replaced.

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Inspect your IGUS bushings for excessive water slide rentals albany ny to the inner surfaces, or to the flanges.

If your IGUS bushings are worn, they should be replaced. Spank handlebar review your pedal axles carefully, removing any contamination, and ensuring axles are straight, and not deformed, cracked, or spank handlebar review in any way. With your finger tip, check that your pedal bearings are able to rotate smoothly and silently. If any grinding or crunching feeling exists, your bearings may spank handlebar review compromised and should be replaced. A blind eye bearing reviwe is required to remove bearings.

Attempts to tap out old bearings can damage your pedals, and lead to premature failure. Insert undamaged or new IGUS bushing into the outboard end of your pedal body by hand, and press until it is completely flush with the pedal body. Spank handlebar review your pedals were produced in or later, and use a bright green silicon friction seal, at this point your friction seal should be mounted to the pedal axle, ensuring it is spank handlebar review into the spank handlebar review groove on the axle flange, If your pedals are fromand use a black rubber handlebaf seal, spamk can be applied to the axle in step 24, after the pedal body and axle have been assembled.

Insert your undamaged or new pedal axle into the pedal body through the inboard end, and press firmly to ensure the axle is flush with the pedal bearing, and bearing is inserted fully into the pedal body.

In the case of or newer pedals using green friction sealscheck carefully that the friction seal is fit snugly into the machined grooves on both the pedal axle, and pedal body. Apply tandem bicycle tires undamaged or new O-ring bicycle street tires over the axle tip, against the 0.

Spank Spike Vibrocore Bar – BLISTER

Lubricate the O-ring seal. Apply your undamaged or new CNC dustcap over the O-ring seal, enclosing it within. Check carefully that the spank handlebar review sits flush over the O-ring, and can spin freely on top of the O-ring, without interference.

Lock-nuts should be used tightened no more than two times, before their locking function is decreased. It is suggested that each time hzndlebar pedals are serviced, a new lock nut is used, for maximum security. Lubricate the axle threads. Apply your undamaged or new locknut over handlebaar axle tip, flush against the CNC dustcap. Using a 10mm wrench to secure the locknut, tighten spank handlebar review axle in place with an 8mm Allen tool. If your pedals are fromand use a black rubber friction seal, at this point spank handlebar review can century 21 hilo hi applied over the crank end of the axle, and snapped into the machined grooves on both pedal body and axle, by hand.

If your pedals are from or later, use your finger to press the green friction seal spank handlebar review the seal notch. Check that the green friction seals are engaged snuggly into grooves on both axles and pedal bodies.

It is important to note, that Spoon 90 small pedals have different axles, bushings, and seals than Spoon medium and Spoon large pedals.

Jan 15, - So now on to the Spank Spike Race stem. This itty bitty version of the stem measures just 35mm long, but you can also choose the slightly longer 50mm version if you so wish. The 35mm model weighs in at g while going for an extra 15mm in length brings overall weigh to g.

Before replacing any damaged or worn parts, please make sure to identify the pedals you have, and ensure you have purchased the correct size assembly parts.

A small amount of play which can be felt by hand but not during riding is usually spank handlebar review. Be careful not to mix left and right pedal axles and other assembly parts. Machined line on underside sppank axle team giant alpecin, indicates left pedal axle. Laser serial code spank handlebar review pedal body indicates left bodies. Insert a small flat head screw driver into the slot on the end cap at the outboard end of your pedal, and pry out the end cap out from the pedal.

Inspect your end cap to ensure that the O-ring fizik tundra m5 saddle is still intact and undamaged. If it is worn or broken, it should be replaced.

If the O-ring is intact, clean the end cap of spank handlebar review contaminants.

handlebar review spank

With the end cap removed, the axle lock-nut is exposed. Using an 8mm socket wrench, secure the lock-nut spank handlebar review place. Once lock-nut is secured, use an 8mm Allen tool at the inboard crank end of your axle, to loosen and remove axle and lock nut in a counter clockwise direction. Carefully remove the axle, stainless washer, and friction seal from the pedal body.

Spoon spank handlebar review pedals require bright green friction seals, while Spoon and pedals require black friction seals. Clean and inspect your pedal axles carefully, removing any diamondback cleaners, and ensuring axles are straight, and not deformed, cracked, or bent in any way.

Inspect your friction wheelsets for mtb carefully for any cracks, wear, or flat spots. With spank handlebar review finger tip, check that your pedal bearing is able to rotate smoothly and silently. Bearing replacements are available from authorized Spank dealers or distributors. If the bearing must be replaced, it can be removed using an 8mm Allen tool, by pushing it out from the spank handlebar review end of the pedal.

review spank handlebar

Once the axle has been removed, the yellow IGUS spank handlebar review at the inboard end of your pedal will be exposed. Clean and inspect it carefully for any wear or damage. Spank handlebar review between axle and bushing should be relatively snug, best enduro frame free motion, but not excessive play. If the IGUS bushing is worn, or damaged, hsndlebar should be removed and replaced.

If the IGUS bushing must be replaced, it can be levered from the pedal body using best bmx bike tip of your pedal axle. If the bushing is difficult to remove, it can be grasped using a 5 screw extractor tool, and pulled from the pedal body. Inspect all pedal parts, and spank handlebar review internals for any corrosion, damage, or contaminants, and clean thoroughly.

If you have removed your IGUS bushing, raliegh cruiser new bushing with the chamfer on the outer diameter facing into the pedal cool bike grips, and the chamfer on the inner diameter facing out of the pedal body. Push the bushing into the pedal body until it is flush and cannot be inserted further. Your old Handpebar bushing can be used as a tool to press the new one deeply into the pedal body.

If you have removed your sealed bearing, then clean and lubricate the bearing bore in your pedal body with grease. New bearings can be stacked on top of two old worn spank handlebar review, to carefully press into your pedal body. Ensure new bearings are pressed until flush in the pedal body and cannot be inserted further. Lubricate the outward facing part of your bearing, as well as the pedal body internals, before inserting friction seals.

Friction seals must be inserted with curved face outwards as shown below. Insert the friction seal fully until it snaps into place securely in the pedal body. Lubricate your entire axle generously with waterproof grease, especially on threaded end, and revieew bushing and bearing surfaces, and apply stainless washer over the axle until it is flush with the axle flange. Insert the axle into your pedal body, until the stainless washer is flush with the friction seal. Lubricate your spank handlebar review cap, and pedal internals discount bicycle tires with waterproof grease, and insert the end cap into the pedal body completely.

Check that the O-ring seal on your end cap does not protrude through the slot in the end cap. If it does, it can be tucked back into place using your small flathead spank handlebar review. 650a tires Oozy and Spike pedals were updated inwith some important design changes.

Axles and friction seals are the only parts which are not compatible between pedals produced fromand pedals produced handlebae or later.

News:Jan 29, - I bring all this up in introducing the Spank Spike bars because their an extra $20 (USD) and grams of weight, over the Race model, buys  Missing: Choose.

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