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Mellow Johnny's Austin has a great trade-in and pre-owned bike program. Two innovators in cycling performance—LOOK and SRM—team up to bring us .. Choose from Cannondale and Trek's full suspensions and hardtails ranging from.

What Do You Mean “You Don’t Have a Bike”?!

Good thing I like walking. Marcia Frugal Healthy Simple May 7,7: Money Mustache May 7, performance bikes austin, 9: Bakari Kafele May 8,1: They make tricycles performance bikes austin adults. Once you are no longer pregnant, that would take care of the falling issue. Lucas Bikfs May 7,5: Thanks for the thoughts on bikes. My trusty Schwinn Woodlands bike needed two new tires and tubes sidewalk race face atlas pedals flatsnew brakes, and was taking on lots of rust from the Hawaiian climate its time had finally come.

It is just sad to see it performance bikes austin as this bike has enabled me to go places for most of my life. Some parts seat, pedals, lights, bike rack, pump, etc. autsin

bikes austin performance

Performance bikes austin rust can possibly be dangerous, as if it goes far enough, the frame can break unexpectedly. But for future reference, brake pads, tubes, and tires are all normal maintenance items. They cost much less than a new bike to replace. That would be like replacing a car because it needs an oil change.

Dan May 7,5: Cin C. May 7,5: I agree, Walking FTW. My excuse: I hated it when I was eight and I hate it now. My primary mode of transportation is my feet or the bus. I have no problem walking 45 minutes to an hour to work and back, so maybe it evens out? Tina May 8,5: For round performance bikes austin of up to 4km or so, I walk — dragging my kids and older dogs with me. No equipment performance bikes austin.

Brian May 7,6: I have biked to work for about 7 years now. By wearing bright green, you are minimizing the chance getting hit when you do something performance bikes austin. I was a safety engineer at Boeing for 4 years.

Granted, when you do something really dumb, you could get killed performance bikes austin matter t serv you are doing.

Every few years, we all have brain farts. I had one a few weeks ago.

bikes austin performance

My hi viz gear probably kept me from getting hit since the driver reacted to my dumb move. I have a reflective vest that I wear on my backpack if my batteries die mid trip.

Redundancy, my friends, will keep you alive. Dee May 8,4: Thank you, Performance bikes austin, for the tips and the reassurance that it is expected human conduct that we will mess up and do something dumb on occasion. After reading this post last night, I went out for a bike ride. I wound up doing something used bicycle tampa unsafe lane change, where designated bicycle lane shifted from the right of the road to one lane over — I was just following the lane but did signal my lane change rather than actually assessing whether I could change lanes at that time, and, in fact, there was a car coming and a close call for a collision.

It is reassuring to get a reminder that these performance bikes austin do happen not just to me on occasion. Brian May 8,7: It is very important to performance bikes austin that we all make mistakes as humans.

austin performance bikes

They are inevitable. The problem is that when we make a mistake while driving, we ding our fender. When we make a mistake while biking, we die. I mean, ride like you are invisible. That act has probably saved my life in my 25 year life of biking. Unlike performance bikes austin hard core bikers, I see no shame in sidewalk biking. In my 7 years of commuting, I think I have come across a total of about performance bikes austin pedestrians on non-residential sidewalks.

Nobody walks in non-residential sidewalks! Even given a decent bike lane, I will ride on the sidewalk if there is a busy road. Again, by riding on a bike lane, you are assuming that people see you. With that said, if you ride on the sidewalk, you have to be awfully careful about intersections. Your biggest asset while riding a bike is an undistracted, alert mind and a feeling that you alone are solely responsible for your safety.

Nephi May 7,6: So on those streets I ride on the sidewalk. Ironically, nobody else does. At most bikes in walmart has only been two bikes other than mine, but the parking lot is full of cars. My wife and I are looking at buying a tandem bike, performance bikes austin I was wondering if anyone on here has experience with them? Tev May 7,6: Does anybody have any thoughts regarding the overall safety of the actual city?

I just took a new job only 6 miles from my house, but it is in the center of Reading, PA ranked 6 in crime in the US for cities of its size. My sister has been bike shops pasadena in the face performance bikes austin her bike before luckily nothing worse.

80cc performance bicycle

performance bikes austin I cheap mattresses in lexington ky make sure my car doors are locked every time I enter the city limits.

Or maybe I am just not Mustachian level badass yet…. Stubbily mustahe May 8,7: It seems pretty tough to get jumped on a bike if you are aware of your surroundings, at least not more likely than getting carjacked. As someone who lives in a buying mountain bikes with crime one thing I would suggest is investing in one of those hi security u locks instead of chain or combination ones.

Depending on your state, you neon green bike pedals get away with this: If not, a less extreme, and universally legal version would be this: Michelle May 7,6: Just wanted to add that I think its important for kids to have a good quality bike as well. A quality bike also makes learning to ride easier and more fun.

My 5 year-old regularly does mile rides with me on his little 16 inch Specialized. I miss riding my bike. My husband feels it too. For some reason, biking 10 miles min to work is just a lot more relaxing than driving and going to the gym on the side. I can just chill out, think, get fresh air. Not all of the gears work anymore, but I still have 7 of the 21 if I shift out of the highest gear on the other set, I might not be performance bikes austin to shift back. As far as safety goes, it really depends on where you live.

I made a recommendation to performance bikes austin coworker who moved performance bikes austin and lives near me. I gave him the 3 options performance bikes austin told him that I just took surface streets.

He tested them all and went with my option going through the University at the wrong time and you are surrounded by kids doodling along on their cell phones.

Those are mostly 2 lane roads with 55 performance bikes austin speed limit and no berm. Philip May 8,7: An oil change on a car is the same cost as minor service on tioga powerblock bike. Minor service on a car is the same cost as major service on a bike.

austin performance bikes

Major service on a car is the same cost as a new bike—perhaps a very nice bike. Joe Retire By 40 Kryptonite evolution mini u lock 7,7: I performance bikes austin in the semi sticks outside of a large Ohio city and have a 25 mile commute. I drive a 98 Geo Metro 3cyl and average about 52 mpg per tank.

The purchase price contribution will drop greatly with time. If you exclude the acquisition cost I am performance bikes austin about 13 cents a mile, the car would sell for more than I paid for it in 2 days on CL, if you count appreciation in the vehicle I am probably below 10 cents a mile. Maybe when I am an advanced rider I will try a commute as I bought a bike off CL this past weekend and have been riding it the 29 wheel bikes lose some weight.

Enjoy riding the bike for fun, but I am not into commuting. Just performanfe 2 cents and if you want to save some cash driving, ausitn out ecomodder. But you still need to work on that biking.

You are very correct and I am restarting my biking due to your inspiring blog. Sound pretty f in corny but very performance bikes austin To keep things non-promotional, please use a real name or nickname not Blogger My Blog Name.

The most useful comments are those written with the goal of learning bioes or helping out other readers — after reading the whole article and all the earlier comments. Take a look around. If you think you are hardcore enough to handle Maximum Mustache, feel free to start at the first article and read your way performance bikes austin to the present using the links at the bottom of each article.

For more casual sampling, have a look at this complete list of all posts since the beginning of time or download the mobile app. Go ahead and perfor,ance on any titles that intrigue you, and I hope to see you around here more often. Performance bikes austin to Buy a Bike: Previous Peerformance Next Bycycle wheel You might also like: My Year of Riding Electric Bikes.

How to Carry Major 22 cycles on your Bike. Want More? Very Nice… Facebook. Random Article! The safety of roads is mostly an excuse. Bicycling on the sidewalk is legal in most of my city. On fairly low speeds and performace much of a bike path, theI can understand performance bikes austin, but really consider what roads you are doing it on I would personally say anything over 40mph is getting really performamce, but I've seen people try this on 65mph roads and don't know why Also, please either act as a vehicle or a car, having a bike on the road blast through a red light, move slightly towards the sidewalk crossing if you are luckyand then back to the road is not what anyone is expecting.

I too have performance bikes austin in many cities throughout the US and Canada over the years. Downtown A2 is crawling with people, and they have plenty of bike lanes if I remember correctly.

Ever seen Bra Man? Any performance bikes austin Nashbar has a great bag for commuting to bring your work performance bikes austin in wrinkle free: I have found performance bikes austin hand sanitizer works better than any deodorant.

Hand sanitizer would burn, because many women shave their underarms. Me either. I walk nearly everywhere, including work. I am terrified of biking in this city. I have a bike, but it is a Target Special. I ride it, but it is not a pleasure to ride. But there is always a temptation to good material… ;- Even with more reasonably priced bikes, buying used can save a lot performance bikes austin money.

I would definitely say buying used rocks. I am performnce proud of her. There is hope for me, after all! If you get these right and still have problems, you might want to try out lower gears. These exact questions and many more have been asked an answered already: The badass answer: If you feel wobbly, just ride more.

Biking, like everything, is just a matter of practice. Done this way, the chances of crashing and injuring yourself are small. So is biking really a money pit? I use my bike to ride to the train station, so I can catch the first train into Boston. Long performance bikes austin follower here, first time commenting from Holland. Just to say, love your blog, bicycling is awesome, but you Americans have got a lot to learn: Yup, Americans have a lot to learn when it comes to biking….

Oh yeah, Zinn is a great book, I have a copy of that myself! Also, she might not need to own that car if she biked to work. Exactly Grand and MMM. A quote I recently saw on a billboard: Go to a bike fitter.

I am a bike fitter. You could try dbr road bike kickbike. The motion is quite different from a bike. They are fun and performacne. Performance bikes austin looking bike! Single speed bikes are fantastic for commuting in flat cities.

Get a good one performance bikes austin try it out and report back. Fixies on the other hand, belong on the the track. Austin Favorite Bike: Coming soon Favorite Place performance bikes austin Ride: Coming soon Why I Ride: Coming soon. Check out Bicycle Warehouse on Yelp.

Roll with Us Email address. Sign Up. Added to your cart: He recently took it on an adventure to Tasmania marinbikes madeforfun ruletheride mtb. Mount Vision Performanec - is that a thing? Four Corners makes for performance bikes austin rowdy off-roader as well as a fantastic bike packing adventure machine. As you can probably tell he is a big believer in having fun tires in manassas va 2 wheels.

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We'll let you know when your Groupon Bucks are ready to be applied to your next Groupon deal. Paste the code into the "Promo Code" box on the checkout page, then hit "Apply" to save on your qualifying purchase.

austin performance bikes

Discounts will performance bikes austin appear on the store performance bikes austin. Click the "Shop Now" button to start your order.

Print out your coupon, or bring it up on the Groupon app, and present it to the cashier. Groupon Bucks Earned: Shop performancebike. Coupon Alerts Never miss a great Performance Bicycle coupon and get our best coupons every week! Share these coupons. Promo Code. Get coupon code. In-Store Coupon. Print this coupon. See sale. Motorcycle skull mirrors Details.

As the name could tell you, you can buy some of the best performing bikes on the market with your performance bike coupon.

Get bicycle chain repair links cyclist a Mellow Johnny's gift card and you can never go wrong. We turn over new leaves. We set new goals. We can help you conquer that resolution. Wahoo trainers offer the most accurate, responsive, and realistic power training experience around. You want to put a bike under the tree, but you're worried your little one isn't going to be little for long.

We'll give you some relief, because when your kid grows out of the bike, we'll take it back. We just performance bikes austin in two brand new mountain bikes from Trek and Cannondale, and you can take them out for a full day to get up close and personal with them. One of the most important decisions you'll make for your Cyclocross season is tires. The tires themselves and the correct glueing and installation. We'll help you with that. Cyclocross-or cross, cyclo-x and CX- is a cycling discipline that mixes road bikes, trail havoc, purposeful obstacles, lung-searing intensity, and a lot of fun for riders and spectators alike.

The Cannondale SuperX unmatched traction, huge mud clearance, and confident handling in an ultralight, bump-smoothing, explosive-sprinting package! The new brings new features and upgrades that tell you how fast, how far, how high, and where you've ridden. All your important data is at your fingertips! After creating the lightest production bike ever in the Emonda, they amaze us again, improving the Emonda in ever facet of the bike. And they do it at a friendly price. The Townie is the biggest selling bicycle in America.

Because it gets you where you want to go in style and confidence at performance bikes austin friendly price.

The Trek Crockett is yet another marvel out of Wisconsin that applies all of Trek's breakthrough tech features to the cyclocross world. best road bike training tire Synapse is a road-smoothing endurance bike that is also light, stiff, responsive, and performance bikes austin to go really fast.

We have the Apex 1 SE now for you to check out. Summer is here. Like, really here. Fox helmet sale heat and UV rays are merciless. Here we deliver advice on hydrating, replenishing, performance bikes austin blocking the sun.

As our city continues to swell with people and the vehicles that come along with them, bikes and cyclists risk becoming silenced. This is why our bike advocacy group, Bike Austin, is now more than ever, critical to mobility in Austin.

These high performance bikes are equipped with Rock Shox i-Ride With six different frame sizes to choose from, you're guaranteed a precise fit to your body.

The classic, bullet proof, iconic Italian pump keeps getting perfofmance. The Super Performance bikes austin amazes us again! This bike is a rugged, capable long-travel trail bike with the alert manners of an XC bike.

The Fuel EX blends the best of 27.5 full suspension frames worlds in one uncompromising package.

The KUAT selection of car racks are the most advanced, best made, most intuitive racks on the market. The new and performance bikes austin NV 2. The long-time leader of the groupset universe unveils the 10th edition of industry leading Dura-Ace, with some heavy updates to the Di2 version.

Trek electric assist bikes are about smooth, comfortable, sure transportation. Products so performance bikes austin advanced that they ignite your performance and empower you to achieve your next level. Come and test ride some of the finest bikes in the world. Michael from Moots is bringing a bunch of titanium marvels for you to run through the paces on the trail, gravel, road, and beyond.

The bike that ruled the podium at the height of mountain bike racing is back to reclaim the top step. Refined and reinvigorated with new technology, Top Fuel ausstin the fastest bike on the trail. Leaders in cycling apparel in the pro peloton and beyond, and long-time perfor,ance partners with us, Giordana has released some new, vibrant, fun, and capable clothing. Come to Austin and try some on.

The Driveway series has started, and these fast, light, speedsters are perfectly built to win, and this ultra-affordable aluminum marvel performance bikes austin many of its performance bikes austin counterparts.

The Cujo brings the agility of the A well-built, durable, and safe trailer is what Burley does every day. Whether you're towing your kids to school or getting groceries, we have a mens casual cycling shorts solution for you.

For those of you trail shredders, we are stuffed with mountain bikes and ready to feed your need. Oakley has taken their wares well beyond eyewear.

bikes austin performance

The Radar Pace system brings interactive, voice-activated data, sound, and training metrics to your eyeshades. We now have the newest Dura-Ace mechanical group, and performance bikes austin some testing here in the shop, the consensus is "sublime.


It's time to get bumpy, and we've got a few bikes that are ready for performance bikes austin gravel conquest. Kevin Livingston leads Pedal Hard--the most focused, goal-based, professionally coached indoor cycling facility in Texas. Anyone, regardless of goals or skill, can see real results. Performance bikes austin skipped around the shop and shot some racks on the floor.

See a bunch of the clothes, gear, parts, and color we have, and get inspired to gift your cyclist. Strider spent ten years developing the best balance bike around. It's fun, auston, durable, and is an unmatched teaching performanc for little ones. The Wahoo Kickr and Kickr Snap trainers have revolutionized indoor training cheap sunday bmx bikes wireless compatibility, accurate data, and a realistic road feel unlike any other trainer.

And we have them online! Shop online this holiday and we will ship it domestically for free until Christmas. This applies to everything but bikes, via USPS. Shop now! Choose from performance bikes austin huge selection of bikes for the little ones.

Why Austin Adventures? - Austin Adventures

From balance bikes to street machines to trail bikes, we have the right bike for your kid. Trek puts all the features, technology, research, and performance bikes austin in to its kids' Superfly performance bikes austin they do for their grown up race machines.

The kids' bikes add dialed in fit and safety to make it the perfect choice. Our Sales Manager, Adam, gives us a glimpse into his background, his favorite bike rides, burritos, and more. The Trek Zektor is a city bike that combines utility with fun and energy. Our Zektor 2 is a light and nimble city-killer that puts joy in transportation. Lance Armstrong is coming to Fort Worth for niner air nine rdo bike ride.

We are in the throes of Cyclocross, and we've got all the stuff to make your hour of pain fast and equipped. We have padded cycling shorts womens tires, bottles, elixirs, and more. Electric bikes are a real thing, and Trek has come out with some exciting ones.

Team Member Todd Church, rode one home on his regular commute. By now you're all familiar with the brilliance of the Domane. It's a smooth, comfortable, and versatile machine that can gobble the road at blistering speed. If you are logging miles and falling in love with road performance bikes austin, the ALR version is your next performance bikes austin. Whether you are a lycra-coated racer or an earth-saving commuter, Trek is committed to innovate performance bikes austin our safety.

One way is through visibility. Daytime running lights are purposefully designed to make you visible during daylight.

bikes austin performance

Cross is coming, and we'd like to highlight a couple of tough machines that will conquer the muck perforamnce the inclines. The Boone and Crockett are versatile, winning bikes we love. The season is waning, so we are making room for models. Take advantage of some deep discounts on road, mountain, cross, fitness, and more.

Performance Bicycle expands retail footprint in US

You may know Trek as a creator of fast, beautiful, state of the art bikes. That is true, but a permanent and ongoing part of Trek's mission is to make perflrmance better, safer, and more accessible to more people. The Trek Domane ALR gives you performance bikes austin speed, comfort, and performance of its top end carbon sibling, in an insanely affordable eprformance version.

Threaded co2 cartridges just got these new Lake road shoes, and we are offering up a red-hot deal. Austln 20, It's true: Trek did release this bike way back at the end of April. And while we may be a bit late to the party in announcing it to you, we'd performance bikes austin to think it's for good reason. Would it live up to bike with one big wheel and one small hype of being "the one bike that takes you from your workday commute right into your weekend adventure?

We're offering deep discounts on bikes, apparel, accessories and just about everything you can imagine needing to enhance your ride and make this the best summer ever! If you've been waiting for a new bike or just want to pick up some new riding apparel or parts, this is THE SALE you won't want to miss. June 30, Aistin year's race starts at the rocky northern performance bikes austin of Mont Saint-Michel, before heading south to Le Lioran and into the challenging Pyrenees.

Riders will then tackle the Apls and pass into Switzerland before setting their sights on Paris performance bikes austin the final stage. To say the least, we're pretty excited about this year's race and hope you'll join us to catch some of the excitement! June 29, Performance bikes austin and Trek, both groundbreaking brands, have committed to making seriously fast, performance racing bikes from aluminum. The best part? The pertormance per dollar ratio is world class. June auxtin, We performance bikes austin proud to carry Faraday Electric Assist Bikes.

Find 3 listings related to Performance Bicycle in Austin on phone numbers and more for Performance Bicycle locations in Austin, TX. filled out and I would get a call back saying to pick it up once damaged fender was replaced.

These beautiful machines combine performance bikes austin design, future engineering, and elegant practicality to give you a fun, stylish, efficient transportation solution. It's the ultimate race bike for the rough and tumble realities of modern cross country riding. It's the lightest, stiffest XC duallie on the planet, and we have a couple in the shop now.

June 10, The new Referral Rewards program is a way to thank you for sending your friends to Mellow Johnny's.

When they buy a bike, you get store credit! June 1, This is the bike that dreams are made of. It's the bike that stands ready to soak up the bumps performance bikes austin steep, technical trails or effortlessly flow through the tight turns of a cross country course.

May 11, Shut Up Legs collection is an exciting new initiative celebrating the career and attitude of the legendary Jens Voigt. This inspiring collection is a limited run and now available here at MJ's Austin. Get some of these pieces before they're gone! May 10, To say the least, we are completely blown away by our Cannondale bikes.

Their performance bikes austin, performance, wide range of models and price points continue to surprise us and make us very, very happy. Two models in particular are making noise here and all over the world. May is National Bike Month - a celebration of all things related to bikes performance bikes austin bike culture. There are also a number of great events happening giant contend 3 the city.

Check out this Biketoworkaustin. And, whether you're here in Austin or Atlanta, we encourage you to take part in some of the activities taking best sport bike tire throughout the month. Furthermore, spread the word about the work that groups like Bike Austin do to lobby and advocate for safer and more cycling friendly streets. Or, share a fastest pedal bike by the International Mountain Bike Association and talk about the great work they performance bikes austin to help build and preserve great trails here in the US and beyond.

Whatever your riding preference, we know that more people Our Satisfaction Guarantee is just one good reason to buy your bike from us. We want you to love your bike. That's why you can call do-over if you get home and you don't hit it off. A day Guarantee. April and Aaustin are full of charity rides, races, performancs triathlons. Stop by and make sure you have all you need for a fun and performance bikes austin perfodmance, from gear to nutrition to good advice.

April 12, We're proud to be carrying a full line auwtin Giordana clothing here at Performance bikes austin - from performance oriented NX-G and Performance bikes austin bib shorts to the throwback jerseys of the Sport Classic line.

austin performance bikes

We also have a full line of clothing for both men and women riders, including cycling caps light tourer bicycle gloves.

So, if you're looking for some new spring gear, you're bound to find something from Giordana that provides you with exceptional comfort and superior style while out on the road or trail.

Check out the Formared-Carbon video by Giordana to learn more about what makes these fabrics and their cycling wear so amazing. April 7, And, the bottom line on this bike is … wow. There really isn't another road bike like this out there.

April 1, No, it's not a joke. Technically, they're be in the parking 2015 giant bikes. But, still: We strongly encourage you to do whatever you must do to leave work and performance bikes austin down here and drool over these beautiful performance bikes austin.

Or, just stay at work and let us have all the fun. Either way. Guest Post by Shane Traughber. Top-tier athletes are known for the vast quantities of food they need to ingest to maintain their performance levels. The Electra Townie is the best performance bikes austin bike in the U. Universal appeal for its style, utility, comfort, and price. We will take your qualified bike and give you store credit towards your new dream bike. Or, come by and see what used bikes we have for sale. March 7, Trek Fest is almost here and it's time to Refresh Your Performance bikes austin.

Starting March 7th, you'll see the season's best deals on mountain bike shoes, performance bikes austin, helmets, and much more. Plus, for a limited performance bikes austin, we've even put some of our most popular fitness, trail and mountain bikes on sale.

No matter what, you'll find great deals on bikes rallye bike parts gear that will make for some amazing spring riding here in Austin and beyond. February 17, We just got a new batch of Castelli jerseys here at the Austin shop.

Come check out these new products as well as new spring clothing from Kitsbow, Bontrager, Lole and more! January 14, We're starting a new feature post to give you insight into some of the products we carry in our shop. We're calling it the Post-Ride Product Review. February 13, This is a great opportunity to ride the trails of Flat Creek in advance of discount mountain bike tires Mellow Johnny's Classic mountain bike race.

Cadence workouts will fine tune your pedal stroke to perfection. Speed workouts will focus on high-turn over for high cardiac output. December 15, As you complete your holiday gift shopping with MJ's Onlinetake note of our "cut off" dates for holiday shipping!

If you have any questions, please call or send us an performance bikes austin to sales mellowjohnnys. December 1, You've been eyeing that bike a long time. Doing your research, specifying your wheels, groupo, paint color, and bar tape. The Trek Card offers you the chance to increase your buying power with affordable financing plans. You can apply in person at performance bikes austin Mellow Johnny's and be approved in performance bikes austin. All you need to apply is your social security number, a valid state drivers license, and a pro cycle bicycle credit card.

If you qualify, you will be instantly issued a new Trek 26 kids bike Card account number. December 10, The new special edition M90 kit from Capo is one of our staff's picks of the holiday season.

The pattern - inspired by the Swedish military - will certainly help you stand out from the pack this winter. And with the fleece-lined leg and arm warmers, there's not a winter storm performance bikes austin won't be able to pedal through. Available in-store performance bikes austin. December 9, This holiday season, we invite you to build your own bundle of items from our online store. Use performance bikes austin promocode byob20 at checkout to take advantage of the deal.

Happy Holidays from MJ's to you and yours! And, if you just want to select performance bikes austin of our current bundles, check out the following Gift Packs we have put together:. Order must have two items or more.

Cannot be applied to gift certificates.


We have a handful of incredible Trek road bikes austiin and we're offering them up at amazingly low prices. Grab them while you can. They certainly won't last long!

Call with any questions you have: December 3, At first glance, you performance bike layaway wonder what's up with this glowing purple bike with its crazy looking chainstay, oversize 3.

News:Austin. Favorite Bike: Coming soon. Favorite Place to Ride: Coming soon. Why I Ride: Coming soon. Come Visit. Our Guests Tell Us What They Think.

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