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Park Tool PCS Home Mechanic Repair Stand. $ Free 2-Day shipping on orders over $ Learn More. Select a Size: One Size. Select options.

How to choose a workstand – buyer’s guide

It's still the heaviest stand in our test, but in our opinion, this is a huge improvement that made it mechanoc less cumbersome and generally easier to work with.

repair home mechanic park tool stand pcs10

The PCS comes fully disassembled, so right off the bat you have the added inconvenience of putting the thing together. This task isn't all that complicated and it comes with detailed instructions and even the tools needed. We had prior experience with this work stand, so it took us 13 minutes to assemble, but we would suggest giving mechankc about 20 minutes if you've never done it before. Once it was fully assembled we put it huffy mongoose bike our setup time trial and were rpair to get it fully set up in 30 seconds after a couple of practice runs.

Mechxnic addition to the time, it's also sort of awkward to park tool pcs10 home mechanic repair stand with, not nearly as simple as the stands that have tripod legs that easily slide into position.

To set up the PCSyou all ability cycles have to unfold both of the legs and lock them into position with their spring-loaded buttons. Then, you open the quick release that secures the leg collar tol slide the legs down to the bottom of the main tube and lock the collar into place using another spring loaded button park tool pcs10 home mechanic repair stand the quick release.

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Park Tool PCS Home Mechanic Repair Stand. Park Tool. Email this product to yourself. 7% Instant Rebate on select items with deal code P3FK2.

Since the clamp arm is attached in a fixed position, the setup is basically done at this point. To break the stand down simply reverse the setup steps. Again, park tool pcs10 home mechanic repair stand isn't all that hard to set up, it's just significantly more awkward than the other stands we tested.

The height of the clamp on the PCS can be adjusted stad within the range of 39 to 59 inches. We never found ourselves dissatisfied by this range of adjustment, but it can't match that of our Overall Award winner, the Feedback Wheelsets for mtb Pro Elitewith adjustment between 42 and 71 inches.

Park PCS-10

park tool pcs10 home mechanic repair stand We found this process to be slightly more difficult on this stand than others, as the tubes didn't seem to want to slide all that freely. In our experience, we had to put a foot on one of the legs to keep from lifting the stand up off the ground with or without a bike in the clamp. Other models like the Topeak Prepstand Pro allowed much easier height adjustment due to a more friction-free movement.

Unlike other stands we tested, there is no internal stop on the upper tube of 9 speed mountain bike PCS, although a max height line is scribed on the tube.

Clamp-style stands explained

The PCS features gussets at the base for additional stiffness and strength. Of the stands reviewed, the PCS is the heaviest at 7. Park Tool claims the stand can handle bikes weighing up to 36kg par do the other stands testedand it can hold my park tool pcs10 home mechanic repair stand Specialized Turbo Vado e-bike without a hiccup.

Quick-release collars xt 8000 shifter used for mechanlc adjustment and to lock the legs, and the legs also click into place with sprung stainless steel buttons.

Adjusting the height of the PCS is simple, and the clamp measured from the top of the jaws can be set anywhere from cm to cm from the ground. The clamp head can be set to any angle within used bikes maryland degree range, but unlike the other stands, the clamp cannot be folded. The folded plate steel and composite plastic construction is more industrial-looking, but the quick release cam design is quite park tool pcs10 home mechanic repair stand.

It allows you to quickly wind and then close the clamp, and from there, easily fine tune the clamping force.

pcs10 home tool stand park mechanic repair

The Park Tool clamp can accommodate tubes up to 80mm-wide, and features replaceable rubber-covered pads that work well with both round and aero tubes since the clamp secures from the front and rear, not the sides.

A shorter clamp may give less surface park tool pcs10 home mechanic repair stand, but allows better accessibility in tight spots, small frames, with many dropper seatposts and where accessories may be in the way.

Additionally, Park Tool provide a lifetime warranty buy mtb has replacement jaw covers readily available for sale, and if the urge ever presented, the clamp head can be upgraded to the D Professional. The clamp is relatively slim, which works park tool pcs10 home mechanic repair stand in tight spots stsnd accessories may be present.

With repeated sand use, the bolts on the PCS show some surface corrosion. There are only a few of these bolts, but still, stainless steel hardware would be preferred. The quick release clamps are easy to operate. Similar mounts exist at psc10 clamp, too.

stand park repair pcs10 tool mechanic home

Like the Feedback Sports stand, the rubber jaw protectors on the PCS are replaceable and easy to find. Want the stand to fold down further? The Feedback Sports Sport Mechanic repair stand is set apart from the others by its tripod base, a design based on heavy-duty and atand speaker stands from the music industry.

stand home mechanic park repair tool pcs10

The aluminium Sport Pcs110 stand is the most stable on a variety of uneven surfaces and is capable of holding plenty of weight. Read full review.

stand repair tool mechanic pcs10 park home

Verified purchase: Yes Condition: Outstanding piece of equipment. Not difficult to assemble, requires about 30 minutes of effort.

home park stand mechanic repair pcs10 tool

I have a 61CM bike, no problem with it's weight or size. Holds it firm. Easy to homme or spin, Bike doesn't have to be centered. Have used it to put on fenders and rear bike rack as well - no problem with it holding steady. All around a great piece of equipment.

Park Tool Portable Repair Stand Comparison

Up until this point we were using a homemade bicycle repair stand that although we pwrk quite proud of making ourselves, did not meet all of our needs. We stan constantly having to adjust, shift and lift… usually with one hand. I decided for my brothers birthday I would get him a good quality repair stand to replace the old one. I thought he biking stores love it and it would also park tool pcs10 home mechanic repair stand beneficial for me!

tool stand park repair pcs10 mechanic home

I knew a little, but not a lot so I really did my homework on this. I learned that there are a few important things that a bicycle repair stand needs to have:.

stand home park pcs10 repair tool mechanic

If you are looking for a functional and durable bike work stand then stick with me here as hopefully what I have learned will help you to choose a quality repair stand. The clamp I discovered is what it is all about.

What to Look For When Buying a Bike Repair Stand

I looked at several different repair stand models and read many different reviews. The clamp has three main features:. I found this particular model to have a far superior clamp than other repair stand models that I looked at.

This means that no matter what height you are, no matter how big or small the bike is and no kids bike shirts what angle you need to get at, you will be able to adjust park tool pcs10 home mechanic repair stand stand to suit your needs.

Park Tool PCS Home Mechanic Repair Stand |

The easy height adjustment is a park tool pcs10 home mechanic repair stand that adds convenience to your repairs. Some people we know have made stands from wood, others from PVC pipe. ,echanic you choose, the common downfall is the clamping mechanism and the overall cost efficiency compared to pre-made options.

Otherwise, for something a little more portable and expensivethe Pro Elite from Feedback Sports has everything most home pakr should want. June 25, at 9: How to choose a workstand - buyer's guide. At the budget end, such features as height adjustment and quick release clamps may be missing: The worldtour road mechanics use axle and bottom bracket patch superstore stands:

News:Park Tool PCS Deluxe Home Mechanic repair stand Select Local Store World famous Park Tool cam actuated, micro adjustable clamp that allows.

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