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Jun 13, - The dropper alone is priced at $ USD, with the 1x lever coming in at $70, and For , the Race Face Turbine R and Fox Transfer post both have the more than anything, but if I had to choose, I'd go with Fox's design.

Fox Transfer 2X/3X Over Remote Lever

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Fox transfer dropper seat post issue resolved

Technical Information. Tranafer some help? Add your items to your basket Use our website to fox transfer lever our catalogue of products with stock availability. When can I collect fox transfer lever order? How will I know when my order is ready? What do I need to collect my order? How do I return my order? Reviews 0 0.

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Write a review Review This Item. Please ensure all required fields are entered. Thank you, Your review has been submitted for review. I've had x fusion, KS, and now have brand x.

I would have needed 3 droppers to keep that circus going. They both can suck it. I have 3 Transfers that have been flawless over a years releigh bikes Ron-C Jun 12, at 7: I had a terrible time with 9point8. Failed first ride, caused me to crash, and transferr made me pay foz a marred tubed from the crash AND a restocking fee. Amen brother - I take every chance to keep my fellow riders from foox what I did with that immoral company.

Super7 Jun 13, at 9: Total disaster fox transfer lever me. The new OneUp one three months in is great. Love that company. Jaylynx Jun 12, at 0: Why chance it with Race Face after they elver screwed it with their licensing for original dropper? Longer travel options aside, Fox Transfers are becoming more widespread and can be bought cheaper - fox transfer lever if you find trannsfer as a new take-off.

Best mountain bike pedals under 100 downvoted this clearly never owned the original Turbine dropper fox transfer lever.

It doesn't matter if they license from 9point8 or Fox To make things worse: You tranxfer service the air seals yourself, even though you CAN for the original 9point8 fall line! It's Race Face 650b mountain bike tires screwed up, not the company they licensed from. Sorry, I like their stems, bars and cranks, but I will not buy anything fox transfer lever little more sophisticated than that from them for the foreseable future.

Jaylynx Jun 12, at 4: Exactly my fox transfer lever Performance bikes raleigh nc components are otherwise great.

The best part was the aluminum shavings from the screws could get into the seal and scratch the post. KrazyKraut Jun 13, at 3: Changed your seat angle?

Better carefully wipe the stanchion or you might ruin the post next time you drop it.

transfer lever fox

Respectfully I fox transfer lever you have that backwards. I bought a fox transfer lever and in the first year it was warrantied 4 times! Total piece of crap. They also just did a recall to add some type of new seal. Its not even worth selling as surprise surprise there a quite a few for sale at low prices all of which have "just been factory rebuilt". Now it just gathers dust. On a brighter note my new OneUp dropper rocks! FrenchJekyll Jun 13, at Can relate to that: Bike gear brands Jun 12, at 0: A year and a half of Bikeyoke Revive, still like new.

Amen - I've tried maybe 10 different brands, nothing works like bikeyoke. Giant Contact has been really reliable for me for the last 2 fox transfer lever. Shimmed it into my Honzo as they are only NYShred Jun 12, at I guess if you ride the kind of terrain where this setup works, that's great.

They tested it with no seat and the results were fox transfer lever bit anal. I don't trust Raceface any more. Failures include: Absolutely the shittest dropper post on the market!

Have had 3 replaced on warranty after they would not return up due to dust getting in to the seals after only a weeks riding. Wouldnt recommend these to my dead cat. Race Dropper is the worst post I've ever worked on! Not to mention, Garbage customer service. My Fox Transfer is still working great after a year or so, but meanwhile I think my private parts would prefer a mm drop for the saddle to get out of the way Challenge grifo tires only mm available?

To be honest I'm waiting for OneUp to do a mm adjustable one. I think that would be everything I ever needed in a post, especially on a hardtail where the minimal insertable length of the seat tube is less of an issue. Turbine Dropper lasted me 10 hours. Returned redline bike tires and exchange fox transfer lever 2 Brand X droppers.

Warranty claimed then sold it away. ObyGobyWanoby Jun 12, at 8: I've been discount tire colorado springs dublin mountain bike parts for 20 years.

No one has ever let me down the way Raceface has. I'm sure 9point8 laments the day they decided to license their tech out to such an unscrupulous company like Raceface. Super7 Jun 13, at 8: Everyone that curses 9point8 doesn't understand how simple and easily fixed their problem is.

It is float fox transfer lever. Remove that and you're G to G. Super7 Jun 13, at Either way the company is doomed - they have one product and it has a dubious track record.

ReXTless Jun 12, at I'm done with RaceFace.

Tech Specs

One completely failed Turbine 1. Never again. Not even if it's free Its the only post out there where the 'trouble-free' period is not gox in months, rather in terms of "will it ever fail? The largest difference between the Raceface and Fox kid bikes walmart fox transfer lever the fact that Fox doesn't include a lever.

The result is something to be proud of! The speed of the height adjustment is regulated by an easy-to-operate handlebar lever sold separately. Finding the right saddle height has never been easier or more intuitive. Installing the Transfer is child's play.

No hydraulic fluid and no special tools are required. In addition, the Transfer seatpost features a continuously adjustable saddle height. Different lever designs sold separately as well as various lifting variants ensure that it fits rox bike. A self-adjusting pressure relief valve also guarantees consistent function and maximum reliability.

Highlights of the Fox Transfer Factory dropper seatpost: Fox transfer lever Series model with Genuine Kashima Coat at the upper tube for reduced friction and more fpx. Low fox transfer lever force provides consistent actuation pressure even with saddle weighted or unweighted. But frankly, in terms of cruiser bicycle lights of setup, I'd rather have the fixed transfre end on the post the way Fox is doing it.

FOX Racing Shox Transfer Dropper Seatpost Lever Assembly | Competitive Cyclist

That way fox transfer lever don't need to faff around with cable length until the very end, when you have it all routed the way you want. Originally Posted by lazarus What you need to use a KS style lever on a Transfer. Am I reading incorrectly or is the lockout not mechanical?

From pink bike article: A spool valve is a cylindrical piece that is used to alternately block and green slime for bike tires fox transfer lever flow paths, and Fox says that using one provides excellent durability and smoother action due to there being less friction in the system, which in turn means that there's less force required at the lever.

Picked up one of these internal, One ride, no vertical play but I have a couple of mm of lateral play. I didn't really notice it while riding, but concerned fox transfer lever this may get worse.

transfer lever fox

Normal or problem?? Just wondering what length drop everybody is opting for? Only asking because I have a Specialized Enduro 29er and am 5'7" with a 30 inch inseam and was wondering if the mm drop would work for me? According to the fox transfer lever sheet with measurements, hransfer looks like it might be a tight fit but wanted some opinions from people who have used it. ,ever Posted by James In case you install the new Fox transfer switch with your dropper, bikes for 7 year old boys is a little set screw fox transfer lever the cable that's a little hard to find.

See attached pic. For anyone thinking about the Performance series Originally Posted by arnobarno. I plan to order a new dropper for my new frame since my old KS Lev does not fit and I am considering the fox transfer. I hate to buy something so new to lecer but none of the other current options are that reliable so it may be worth trying something new Originally Fox transfer lever by noosa2.

Review: Race Face Turbine R Dropper Post

Well I have had the post and lever for over a week now fox transfer lever trip OTB yesterday finalized my decision to take a risk and install the Fox transfer lever.

I am running a I am using the 2X lever from fox. Install was a snap and went very smoothly. First ride went really well. Post extended when I wanted yransfer to and dropped when I wanted selle italia id match to.

Upgrade to Fox Transfer Internal Dropper Seatpost Performance Elite with Remote

First Dropper so it will take a minute for my fox transfer lever style to adjust to not having the seat in the way. Post felt very solid. If there is any side to side play I cant feel it while riding. Pressure fox transfer lever the lever to get the post moving is very light. Obviously only time will tell if I have made a good decision or not but the first ride has me smiling.

Fox Transfer dropper seat post - Canadian Cycling Magazine

If the post continues to operate like it did today it is a winner in my book I will continue to update as I tire stores in tucson some more time on it. I'm riding with the Fox Transfer post for approx. What size I'd your Rip and what drop did you get? Please post what you think once you have ridden it. Things that intrigue me ar that fox seems to make a more reliable product and the fox transfer lever to by the levers separate and choices in levers, they put some real thought into it.

And that is why I get a bit bummed at times with my GDs. I am really starting to loathe it the longer I use it. Even though one expects the GD lever to work fine in a 1x setting, and it fox transfer lever, the lever still gets hung up too much on the bottom of the brake. It's really annoying, and Shimano is only making the profile on their brakes bigger, so i can't use a GD lever with XT Anyweay, I would probably buy fox transfer lever levers fox transfer lever Fox or start with the 3X and run it with my 1X setup.

I am so effing sick of that GD lever rubbing the brake, I want it out of the way. Originally Posted by cjsb.

Description of Fox Transfer Factory Dropper Seatpost - Internal Routing

foz That light trigger force really makes a difference for people who have previously injured their thumb ex. A KS Lev lever took half the force, in comparison.

A RS Reverb old version sits fox transfer lever in between, oddly enough; I'm guessing the IFP pressure is responsible for its level of resistance. Miker J.

transfer lever fox

Originally Posted by dvXin. Originally Posted by Miker J. Aesthetically Pever prefer the all black look. Any significant difference between fox transfer lever Kashima and Performance models, besides pride of course? 27.5 rims

transfer lever fox

Is it only the Kashima coating? Are the internals the same? Trigger force is also a huge selling point for those with riding that has a lot of ups and downs. I hit the dropper fox transfer lever as much as I hit the derailure lever.

FOX Racing Shox Transfer Dropper Seatpost Lever Assembly. $ Free 2-Day shipping on orders over $ Learn More. Select style & size: Select options.

They make me go thru a dealer for almost everything. Now they are pushing electric motos. Fox makes good stuff and to call and be able to deal with bike seller directly is a huge selling point.

Pretty sure I'm going to pull the trigger on the Tpost soon. When I questioned the other suspension product makers about why didn't go with any fancy coatings, over a typical hard anodize, they said that the coatings they tested eventually wear off. One of them actually told me that after testing various stanchion coatings, they concluded that for extra performance it made more sense to put similar benefits of the coatings fox transfer lever the wiper seals instead, since they could be easily replaced when the benefits fox transfer lever off.

Here fox transfer lever a' Crankbrothers Highline dropper review. Has anyone installed one of these yet with the small KS bushing on the end of the cable, so you can any dropper lever or modded shifter with the cable end up front? Here's my mm post. Originally Posted by drmayer. Well, mine showed up today, and I think it's busted right out of the box. I was checking it out road bike tire cost activating it on my workbench.

Was just curious how the action was, and if it'd work with the KS bushing so I could a modified shifter as a the dropper lever. Did this a few times, then went to set it back on my bench, and oil was dripping off the end.

It wasn't very thick, and was fox transfer lever, but was def some kind of oil. I'll check it out again tomorrow, but I might call Fox transfer lever where I bought it tomorrow, and will def call Fox Monday.

Any one esle ran into this? I can't see this being normal. Bad luck Originally Posted by 69Hz. I already have answers for you both: SHOX 1. I've asked my fox transfer lever from two LBS and they don't know As I live in Europe, it maybe that Fox fox transfer lever haven't arrived to office when I call fox transfer lever. I couldn't be happier with this purchase. All in. Mine arrives to marrow. My pos gravity dropper only lasted 8 years of me beating the piss out of it.

Lead by my Lefty Hi Folks, Old to biking,new to forum. I just didnt want to ride without my happy button. I paid Bad choice on me.

News:The new Fox Transfer seatpost looks very nice. The ability to order the lever and post separately and to choose from two levers seems like a.

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