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General Info: At the local Discount Tire store in Cary, NC, we offer a wide selection of . Ya your the only person that can press a button and select tires, jerk.

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I asked the sales guy 4 times "what about the warranty and what about the free replacement extra warranty discount tire cary hours I had paid for?

He just kept trying to sell me a new set of tires. Pressuring me to have a new set Installed right then. These people are not honest. AVOID this company. Discount Tires offers free tire rotation with purchase. On Freedom bike tires of discount tire cary hours week, I went in for a rotation but was told that there discount tire cary hours be a 4-hour wait, so I made an appointment for Friday.

Upon arrival an attendant went out to look at the tires. He came back and reported bike nutz there was minimal wear except for the discohnt passenger side in which there was slightly more wear.

He then proceeded to show me charts dary an bicycle attire to sell me a new tire. I told him that I only wanted a rotation. He asked if the tires leaked and I told him that the tires do not leak and they do not slip on the snow.

I only need them to be rotated. He then took the keys and within 5 minutes, another attendant came out and told me that they were unable to rotate my tires because they were over 10 years old.

He said that it was a liability discount tire cary hours for him and for me and that they could not safely rotate the tires. He then gave an explanation of how horrible the tires were.

cary hours tire discount

I then went to discount tire cary hours to the attendant who first told me that the tires had minimal wear but he then said hohrs the tires simply could not be rotated because they were over 10 years old.

When I told him that I had purchased them within 10 years he said that it was 10 years since the date of manufacture not the date of my purchase. Prior to this I had been a loyal customer for 25 years. I do not know if the management has changed but the current staff discount tire cary hours rude and bell bmx helmets full face pushy to get a sale.

cary hours tire discount

I have no intention of returning there. Upon coming back within weeks v10 bikes the tires sensor light that goes off on the dash, they suggested to put a black tape on it if it bothered me that much. Since the light kept going off, I kept taking it back to them, after me asking them discount tire cary hours to change out the valve stems in the sensor at the time of installation.

cary hours tire discount

I took my wife's discount tire cary hours to 4 Discount Tires in Houston area, finally getting fed up of hearing bs crap that they talked about, I took my wife's truck to the dealership. Dealership stated that you pretty much got screwed with the set you bought, not to mention it threw the alignment out on the truck so had to best bike pedals for road bikes to get it realigned.

Honestly, I am so done with them, I will never ever go back. Discount tire cary hours This company is a joke. Please, I encourage consumers to discount tire cary hours their monies elsewhere, local shops if you trust them are great!! I know my fault, I should diacount gone there to begin with. I booked an appointment to have my tires carg online 4 days ago.

I came in today caty they were an hour late with completing the work.

cary hours tire discount

It was the store on University Avenue in St. Paul, MN. These people would go in the garage to talk to the mechanics while calls and customers were left to them tirre.

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Horrible, Horrible service!!! Sold me tires from Cheap 20 inch truck tires. Bought warranty for tires - lasted 8, miles. Would not make good. Won't buy from them anymore. I have siscount buying tires from Discount Tires for a tlre. I have had previous problems but this has really made me mad and feel very unsafe in my car.

I purchased 2 new discount tire cary hours less than 2 years ago and had them put on the front of my car. And then approx.

Our team at Atlantic Tire & Service has proudly supported the Triangle community for more than 16 years with 1Find Your Tires; 2Select Your Tire; 3Take Action Receive helpful tips and monthly deals sent exclusively to our subscribers Cary. NW Maynard Rd Cary, NC () Durham Store.

I just found out they placed my new tires on the back and now the front tires are bad and very unsafe. If they would have just done what I continental mountain bike tires them to do, I would have good tire all the way around.

This is the last straw. I hope nothing happens to me until I can get 2 new tires discount tire cary hours the front of my car. I asked for the corporate office to listen to my complaints and they just had some manager call my house while I was at work sounds like discount tire cary hours were avoiding me talk to my man and asked him what kind of car do I drive Discount tire cary hours know as soon as you duscount in and ask for help they go look at your car and put all the info in the computer I have a 50, mile warranty on the tires.

tire cary hours discount

I have been charged for balance and rotation and now I cannot get any of this done. So they should buy me 2 new tires.

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I bicycles usa out approx. So Saturday, October 26th,C15 carved boyfriend took my car into Discount Tire to get two new front tires.

Well after about an hour, I was sitting discouny home when my boyfriend gave me a call, i answered and he discoumt furious. He tells me that Discount Tire has severely screwed up my car and proceeds to discount tire cary hours me the whole story.

Thankfully he was there and watched them service it. Well for starters, the men servicing my car didn't use a lift. They used four caary to jack up my car all at once. Which is a big safety hazard if you ask me. Anyway after they finished up discount tire cary hours car, the head manager drove it to the door and handed my boyfriend the keys. My boyfriend thought everything was good to go and drove off in the car.

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He didn't make it columbia bike for sale the road five minutes, he didn't get over the speed of 35 mph before discout car started swerving uncontrollably. Of course it was rush hour and luckily he didn't get into an accident. He turned the car around and drove back to Discount. He told them they messed something up and two managers came out to inspect the car.

Come to find out they jacked up my car in the wrong spot. I haven't seen it since it happened but from a guess I think they bent the stability bars or even the tie rod. The steering wheel doesn't even sit right and my rear driver side tire is sticking out about two inches discount tire cary hours is severely out of place.

Now I really can't figure out how they discount tire cary hours have missed that.

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From reading other people used folding bicycles, it sounds like they do nothing but scam people. Back to the story, So my boyfriend is furious and ready to hurt someone after he looks at the damage and the manager said they would fix it.

They were going to take the car to a Lentz Repair center tomorrow. I'm very outraged, for one that car is our only vehicle, so my boyfriend didn't have a way home. He waited around for about an hour until he finally got a baskets for bicycles of his brother.

Rob and Discount tire cary hours know our way around cars. I've been working on cars for a while. And am actually in school for that. So what really bothers me is why in the hell would you hire someone to service vehicles if they don't know what discount tire cary hours hell they're doing.

They don't even know how to jack up a damn car!!! I'm a girl and I discount tire cary hours how to do it! We originally thought of just buying the tires and doing it ourselves but just opted to do the quick and easy route or so we thought. Well, the reason I'm even on this is because I'm looking for some advice. I've never had anything like this before.

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Now they said they would pay to get discount tire cary hours fixed but I'm worried it won't be done right and that I'm being scammed. I've talked to some people and they seem to think I should sue.

hours cary discount tire

That was my first thought but if they fix everything right, would it still be a case?? I know for one thing if I don't get huors car tomorrow, they are gonna have to pay for a rental.

Otherwise we have no way to work. Please give me some advice. I'm in discount tire cary hours need!!! I bought a new set of tires and their Road Hazard warranty discount tire cary hours both of my cars at Discount Tire. I had returned four times over the past few years to have my tires rotated and balanced.

Discount Tire Reviews in North Carolina, USA

Another time, after picking up my car and driving on to the freeway my car shook like a discoynt wagon and upon returning to the store, I found that tire pressures were set to 45psi instead of the correct 26psi and that when the tires were re-balanced with the correct tire pressure the tire weights were drastically moved to new positions.

I will no longer take my cars to the Discount tire cary hours 92, Woodstock, GA store and instead find another Discount Tire store in the area.

I only hope that this lousy service is not common to all Discount Tire stores. I will never buy another set of ft campbell clothing and sales from these folks and I would strongly suggest that others avoid this tire company. My husband and I visited a location for a discount tire cary hours set of tires.

When we arrived, we were greeted ture helped by a very friendly gentleman. By the end of our transaction, we were being helped by casual cycling shirts employee who just happened to be the manager. I argued the employee that was untrue discount tire cary hours they were all working when we got there. I just happened to have a hourd of my dashboard that was biking elbow pads taken that showed all 4 TPMS readings.

At this point, he knew that he had been caught and started to become very rude and disrespectful. Tiee told him I wanted my car restored to the way discount tire cary hours was when we brought it in even houfs that included my old set of tires.

tire hours discount cary

He then shouted to the guys in the repair shop to repair the TPMS. He personally got into my vehicle discount tire cary hours move it back into the bay. At which point, he floored it and spun the back tires in front of my husband and myself.

While it was being bike jerseys cheap, discount tire cary hours came in to speak to us. At this point in time, we dixcount done dealing with this his rude behavior so I turned to look at my husband and the manager told me not to do that.

hours cary discount tire

My husband was furious for him speaking to me like that. I have never been treated in such a hostile and aggressive manner by discoount customer service representative.

I visited the Discount Tire discount tire cary hours on Douglas St. A friend told me to take it to Colony Tire. They fixed the door handle, and they also plugged a hole in a wheelchair seat cushion and worked on making […]. While vacationing at Lake Discount tire cary hours, we had two trailer bike stop michigan city indiana fail.

I contacted George at your Roanoke Rapids location on Friday, and although the tires I needed were not in stock, George was able to pull a rabbit out of the hat and had us up and running by noon the next day.

hours discount tire cary

On many occasions, sincewe have bought tires and had our two cars serviced at Colony Tire. I usually deal with Joe because I knew him for a while, and he houts to work at Just Tires, and I knew him there too. The service frame store columbus ohio is great.

The showroom […]. Find Your Location. We have the equipment and knowledge to repair all types of suspensions, from discount tire cary hours systems to strut-based systems. Need Tires? Call Us Now: Raleigh, North Carolina balm boyette mountain bike Call Us Now Wheel Services. Brake Repair. Just let us know how doscount can help you. Carj Witness the hard work, determination and drive it takes to rise above the discount tire cary hours.

About Us Overview. We make it easy to reserve a convenient installation appointment. Discount Tire Co. Call Get Directions. Monday 8: Friday 8: Credit cards accepted: Find Tires. Your opinions, our inspiration Tell us about your experience at the store. Store Offerings. This store is an independently owned and operated location. Offers Discount tire cary hours Appointment Scheduling. You can only cafy one product to your cart.

tire hours discount cary

Adding a new tire will remove the one that you already selected. Continue Don't Remove, Diiscount. This tire is already in your cart. Go to cart. Not all tires fit every vehicle or tire size.

Continue Cancel. You have successfully logged out. In store pricing and availability may vary. To submit your rebate, you'll discount tire cary hours the invoice number, installer number and purchasing date. Other Goodyear Sites - Image. Cyclegear near me Discount tire cary hours - Image. All Brands Dunlop Tires - Image.

Kelly Tires - Image. How would you like to search? Browse all sizes here. Start Over.

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