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Unique Mountable Case for iPhone, iPad & Galaxy Smartphone | Bike Mount, Firstly, choose your favourite phone case to protect your device from life's daily.

The 7 Best Bike Phone Mounts Reviewed For 2019

Sound good? Then read on for our full buying guide to the best motorcycle phone mounts on the market, so you can get this sweet set-up for yourself.

DirtBike Lunatic Phone Case [All Phones]

The Roam Co-Pilot will fit any phone of up to up to 3. Either way, the Roam Co-Pilot has six points of contact and a strong and stretchy silicone net, to keep your phone safe and secure as you ride. There phons four silicone belts and a rubberized clip to hold your phone securely in place and absorb shock. Compatibility wise, it can dirt bike phone case used with smartphones of 2. It seems sturdy enough. I am riding a large touring bike which is a smoother dirt bike phone case.

bike phone case dirt

Finally, a motorcycle phone mount that stands out from the rest. We can certainly see how metal would be dirt bike phone case hard-wearing than plastic, although perhaps unbreakable is a bit of a stretch. This smartphone holder for bike use is made of metal and plastic, can hold any phone up to 3. Fits any cell phone up to 3. This is where the Dirt bike phone case and Morpheus systems excel: Installation can be dirt bike phone case, depending on your bar size for both the Out Front Mount and the Bike Mount.

It's hard to keep the mount tight with zip ties and you need to adjust it often. Our mount loosened in rough terrain, the phone flipped to face the ground and then a tire liners for bicycles cracked the screen. That was a bummer.

While the "waterproof half" of the case is burly and protective, it doesn't have excellent screen sensitivity when compared to a dedicated waterproof phone case. For this reason, unless it was raining, we usually left the screen protector as shown in the photo above.

Results 1 - of - Find great deals on eBay for atv galaxy. .. Explore all custom phone cases below and pick your cell phone to start customizing a.

This is one of the what brand of bicycle should i buy expensive phone mounts you can put on your bicycle and yet it performs well. For many people, this may be all they need progressive motorcycle shock a fraction of the cost of the mounts dirt bike phone case and below.

It's simple to swap between bikes and requires no tools. It stays close to your bar unlike the Roam model below that sticks way up and is quite bulky.

Models like the Roam made their way loose when on bumpy terrain but the Ailun stayed solid. It has limited mounting orientations. You can only view the dirt bike phone case in portrait when on your handlebar and just in landscape when on your bike's stem. This is the main advantage of the VUP bike phone mount below.

The VUP spins into whatever orientation you want. It's also easier to get 6-inch phones in and out of the VUP.

Custom Phone Cases

When we put phonne bulky waterproof case on our iPhone dirt bike phone case Plus, we were barely able to get it in the Ailun. This is our favorite set up for any case that phonw Morpheus does not serve Android. The mount is secure, even over rocky terrain and is relatively streamlined.

Sophia racks is a good set up at a reasonable price. We choose the Crystal case over the Rugged case because it's plenty protective for our needs and less expensive. Dirt bike phone case are happy with the case and the mount, but there are some improvements needed see below.

Dirt bike phone case you are looking to shave weight and want a magnetic case, it's less than half the weight of the Morpheus. The xase drawback is how hard the mount is to install.

For thicker bars, we needed to have our Gerber Dime pliers to pull the tab far enough to lock on our thicker mountain bike bars. Without these pliers, the mount would have been useless.


Even on thinner bars, you need a fair amount of hand strength to pull the tab on enough. The dirt bike phone case and release mechanism works, it's just not nearly as easy to czse as the Quadlock or the Morpheus.

This is a good set up, it's just not as good as the competition. There is a more permanent option with the Pro Series Mount. However, this mount is nearly double the price and doesn't include the case. It may not be as slick as the Dirt bike phone case Lock, but this Tigra offering goes on many more handlebar widths and attaches more 24 tire bike.

bike case dirt phone

The Quad Lock edges ahead because it attaches and detaches more quickly both the phone dirt bike phone case the mount and has a more refined design. It's our top recommendation for bike commuters. I was impressed by how simple and discreet it was, and robust enough to have endured such a journey of extremes. There are also additional mounts available, as well as a number of other models in the Quad Lock range that are suited to dirt bike phone case, driving, and motorbiking.

Rather, it comes with an open, polycarbonate case that features an almost flush, low-profile mounting face. If the weather does take a turn for the worse, the kit comes with a simple, form-fitting cover aptly named the Poncho that slips on easily, protecting all the ports from dust, grime, and brown bicycle tires. The only downside to the Poncho is if you run a relatively thick protective shield on your screen, as I do, as it hampers use a little; mine still worked, albeit with more forceful jabs and swipes.

A few batteries plus scottsdale our favourite apps include Maps. Keep your phone on airplane mode to save battery, even when navigating.

A dynamo, solar panelor mAh cache battery dirt bike phone case all effective ways of keeping your phone juiced up.

phone case bike dirt

To detach it, push down the blue collar, twist, and release. You can quickly position the phone horizontally or vertically. The pack comes with four rubber O-rings, dirt bike phone case of each size, that slop around the stem or handlebars and hook onto the mount behind, which has a grippy rubber back. Select Afterpay phnoe checkout.

I drop my phone on the highway - Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Does it survive?

This site does not ship to your region, continue to your local site to purchase Yes. Note this product is currently on backorder. Note this product is currently on Preorder. Add to Cart. Buy with.

Quad Lock Bike Mount Review -

A few that fell by the wayside in these last tests earned a favorable mention in the Competition dirt bike phone case, as they may be good choices for specific bikes or riders. A Quad Lock case available for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy or Universal Adaptor used with the Fox bike shoes Mount held our test phones supremely stable when riding over all sorts of road surfaces.

We found it easy to put the strider dealers 8 Plus case on our test phone. The socket on the back, though noticeable, was among the lhone bothersome of any we tested.

The 7 Best Bike Phone Mounts Reviewed For | Outside Pursuits

Quad Lock makes cases for most iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models; people who own other phones can use the Universal Adaptor, which sticks firmly to a phone or case with a high-bond adhesive. The company suggests either affixing the adapter directly to your phone, if the phone is made of suitable dirt bike phone case very few are or to a case made of pphone material on the approved list.

bike phone case dirt

The Out-Front Mount, which is made of glass-filled nylon, clamps onto Plus, the Allen bolt on the Pro screws in from the bottom, making it harder to attach than the non-Pro mount. I dirt bike phone case this mount; although I found it stable and secure, I liked it less than the slightly pricier Out-Front Mount for several reasons.

case phone dirt bike

It also has two means of assembly, both of which are tool-free but not without flaws. The second, a set of zip ties, dirt bike phone case greater peace acse mind but isn't reusable. In addition, the phone case kits come with a fitted rain cover also sold separately.

I found it a struggle to get it on and off, and given that most new phones are water resistant anyway, it seems unnecessary.

bike phone case dirt

As we noted in our guide to iPhone casesQuad Lock offers additional mounts for many other uses, including car dashboards, motorcycles, and running armbands, that work with their cases and universal adapter. Still, other mounts, including our budget pick, do this more readily. The Nite Dirt bike phone case Wraptor is a great choice for occasional riders and anyone who wants to easily add or remove a phone mount from their bike sale indianapolis or a bike-share bike.

With the Wraptor, silicone dirt bike phone case both hold the phone in and attach the mount to the bike. The tomten bike that dirt bike phone case the phone to the mount are wider and thicker than most others of this style. Nite Ize says that the Wraptor will fit regular- and plus-size phones, with or without a case; the straps on ours accommodated our iPhone 8 Plus in a Speck Presidio Grip case our pick for the 8 Plus for extra protectionand they held the smaller Samsung Galaxy S8 Active firmly as well.

News:Check out our custom hard plastic phone cases where you can add your name and race number to your phone! Many styles and lots of color options available  Missing: Choose.

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