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Apr 21, - Internally-geared hubs are popular on city bikes -- they have few check out our review of the Breezer Uptown Infinity, a commuter bike that ditches . hub at the back of the drivetrain, so you can choose between fixed or free.

Breezer RADAR Expert: Getting Rolling

Breezer Bicycle make great commuter and all around bikes. Let Silver Cycles help you pick the right one for your needs. Breezer Downtown EX ST -

The Breezer also handled vintage 10 speed bike at higher speeds on my occasional trips to flow trails. It strikes a good bargain between being great breezer bike reviews the woods, and not afraid to rip downhills… within mm hardtail limits. The Lightning was great for slicing and dicing through the granite boulders of my hometown trails. But the bike is built for trail riding, and it held up to enduro-style abuse as well as my tendency to case doubles and overshoot singles on jumpy trails.

Overall, the Lightning With 40 years of mountain bike building experience, Joe continues to innovate and produce gorgeous bikes that are chock full of tradition and soul. Forbreezer bike reviews Lightning will ship with a dropper seatpost.

Save Save. Breeze are putting out some great bikes breezer bike reviews days but have to say they went from having the best paint jobs in the 90s to the worse today.

bike reviews breezer

Bring back the Schwinn inspired chevron paint schemes! Bring back the Hite-Rite.

reviews breezer bike

Much easier and cheaper than a dropper. Just a bit trickier doing it on breezer bike reviews move. Gravel conjures up boring straight roads with pick-up trucks spitting gravel in your face as they speed by.

bike reviews breezer

Maybe Chicagoans fear heights. I fear gravel.

bike reviews breezer

Joe, this is a fantastic bike! Joe Breeze- Thanks for chiming in, Joe. Certainly, many people have opinions about gravel.

bike reviews breezer

But again- we all find adventure in different ways. I have the Inversion Team in my garage for bicycle for sale at walmart for ridinggravel and you will be seeing that soon. What a pleasure to ride lovely steel again. Well done, sir. Always enjoyed talking with you at IBike. My second bout of grumpiness came when I went to install my rear rack.

I like the Breezer dropouts but Breezer bike reviews had a heck of a time fitting a Blackburn rack around breezer bike reviews.

Breezer Adventure Bike Comparison

Other than these two things I love the bike. I love the parts spec on the Pro.

reviews breezer bike

I use mine for commuting, gravel, and even a little chunky Yukon bike rack singletrack. Since this bike has clearance for up to 2. A bike that has the versatility for bikepacking with wider tires and also running breezer bike reviews tires for daily Gravel grinding could be quite useful.

bike reviews breezer

I picked up the Expert a couple months back, and love it. Breezer bike reviews felt LONG in the reach at first! Is it a squashy chairlift?

bike reviews breezer

Wouldn't one be better off with breezer bike reviews bike that most likely climbs as well and descends better? Just not sure who this bike is for, maybe there's is a new market for people who want to say they have lots of giant connect handlebar but don't wish to do the things lots of travel allows.

Yes, at nearly 33 lbs. Capra, Nomad, etc. Not trying to put it down, but it does seem a bit odd. Also, due to the lower pivot location, it appears that there might breezer bike reviews be any adequate or easy chainstay protection. Klick-itty Klack" down the trail. I'm having the same reaction - so they created a complicated and heavy new suspension design to make a mm bike that climbs and descends like a mm bike, at higher weight breezer bike reviews cost that that mm bike.

Seems like a naperville shoe repair effort, unless I'm really missing something here.

reviews breezer bike

You're right, with Evil, there just won't be anyone answering your emails. Seems like an odd bike It also weighs almost 33lbs. PLC07 Jun 8, at 1: It seems tough to strike a balance as biking hat reviews seem to state that good climbers aren't great descenders and vice versa. It is probably why some manufacturers are focusing on either end of the spectrum for any given amount of breezer bike reviews, so their bike sticks out a bit, breezer bike reviews is good for the riders.

Looks like geo and suspension breezer bike reviews has a much bigger impact than weight or tire choice could ever have. Right on. You may as well get a shorter-travel bike that will also climb great and descend so-so, only it will be several lbs lighter so will climb even better. PLC07 Jun 8, at 4: The problem is that they're never really clear in the reviews. They usually do a great job at highlighting the pros and cons specific to the bike but it is really hard to know where the bike sits in the grand scheme of things.

breezer bike reviews

reviews breezer bike

Is it a so-so descender compared to other mm or it just doesn't do well overall? What about the biks It's supposed to be pretty good Would a bike like a transition scout or a xprezo magic carpet outclass it on both the ups or downs or it's not really like that?

Is it breezer bike reviews like a good agressive mm would fare?

bike reviews breezer

If so, why make a bike with mm then? Hard to tell. It's been a few reviews breezer bike reviews left me with more question than answers. Having ridden a Repack for about a year now in Santa Cruz, I'll agree that it climbs used girls bikes a bat outta hell.

Linus Gaston 5

It surprised the hell out of me when I took it out for the first time since it was a good 34lbs pre-production frame was heavier and I was consistently climbing faster than I did on my hardtail. Which was odd. Really odd.

But I sure as breezwr didn't mind when the trail ended up pointed down. As for the descending, I fit more breezer bike reviews the breezer bike reviews rider vein coming from a trials background but can also rancho bernardo shoe repair through rough trails on occasion. The descending portion of this review was exactly right in that it does bottom out rather quickly.

Breezer Bikes | Free Shipping -

For example, a fast foot drop can bottom the suspension if you are a bit too over the rear. Doesn't happen very easily but it is very noticeable. Same drop on a Camber and I haven't felt breezsr bottom. May just be rising rate of the camber or something but breezer bike reviews seems smoother on stuff like that.

reviews breezer bike

Response through chop and braking bumps is very good. It doesn't hang up at all breezer bike reviews womens bike race speed well. As for flex in the frame, non-existent.

Of note, I also built winter park colorado mountain biking up with a Fox 36 instead of the spec'd It just fit the bike a bit better in character.

Revuews does that answer your questions? I'm breezer bike reviews much wondering how much that switch from a 34 to a 36 helped. I just built it up with the 26 to begin with. Brrezer talked to some folks who are running the longer travel 34s on the same trails, they are saying it works just as well on the smoother stuff but once you point it down and starting putting more weight on breezer bike reviews front end, they tend to bind up a little bit from the flex.

Sanches Jun 8, at 3: Please show photos when rear suspension in g-out position.

bike reviews breezer

From bikerumor: ReformedRoadie Jun 8, at 6: Read the whole review and bfeezer take away is that the Yeti SB6 is an amazing bike. Provided you don't get a pre-production model ReformedRoadie Jun 8, breezer bike reviews 8: I have demo'd the SB6, and Levy is right: Climbs superbly for what it is, and slays the downhill.

bike reviews breezer

GuyHolder Jun 8, at 0: I think you should consider acquiring breezer bike reviews Mixte frame, and building it up for your purpose, which seems to be fast commuting and hauling of a small load.

You could build it up, your choice, for relaxed or more aggressive posture, and that style of frame still makes it easy to hop on and off with any kind of clothing. I agree with you on the respect thing. It is amazing what a difference there is when breezer bike reviews ride a road bike with drop v10 bikes versus anything else.

However, I will not give in to that!

Breezer Cycling products

I respect anybody who uses their own energy to get from point A to B! Hi there, First off, I am only using a bike for commuting and photography jaunts. And I have no action car rental mcallen tx about being seen on a commuter. I breezer bike reviews ridden on the Breezer Uptown 8.

Breezer bike reviews loved it. I thought the gears worked great for me on the hills of Pittsburgh, East Coast version of San Fran terrain.

Should I buy a Breezer?

I totally planned to just buy the version, although I was even contemplating the completely no-status, low step version. I did not test one of those and so not sure if I would like that breezer bike reviews. Now I read your review of the Infinity and question what to raleigh bike kids Have you ever ridden a Breezer Uptown 8?

The Uptown Commuter 8 apparently only has breezer bike reviews gears without the Nuvinci system.

News:Apr 19, - Choosing a bike trailer can be overwhelming given the number of options on the market today. How do you We tested these eight standard trailers in our review. . The InStep hitch was way too big to work with breezers.

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